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The blogging community has worked to support many good causes and I know from personal experience you are there when someone is in need of help. Birdsong, a dear friend of mine and a long time member of this community, has a personal goal and she needs our help. Not only is Birdsong’s lifestyle one of service, she also lives simply and sustainably. A class, Cooperative Permaculture Design, is being offered near her home and she would like the opportunity to take it.  Please take a minute to read her post and to help her in this endeavor. She has a Donate Button at the top of her blog and my hope is many of you will step up and help. Together we can make this happen. Thank you!


Thanks for linking to Birdsong's post - I hadn't seen it yet.

Just went and donated. Thanks for providing the link.

Thanks for giving me the chance to help her!

Thank you so much Margene, for your support but even more for your belief in me!

Done and done. Most happy to help!

Off to check it out!

Definitely a good cause. Done.

She seems like such a neat lady....... Done.


Done! And I've added a new blog on my blolines. :) Ditto, she seems like a neat person, but of course, if she's your friend.

I did - I think she's awesome. :)

Going there now..always a pleasure to do a deed~

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