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I Heart Knitting

Well, that is a ridiculous statement, I realize.  But, after taking a month long break, and not being able to knit much a day (for now), it's not so ridiculous.  This weekend I was able to spend a little time knitting, carefully. The poor sockZzzzzzzzzyarnball had to go into hibernation, Sprössling grew slightly, and a new project (larger needles!) started its journey.


Wonderfulcolorofcottonfleece As soon as I saw it Que Sera, by Kirsten Kapur, made my eyebrows pop up with pleasure. A new summer weight cardigan had been on my mind, but the perfect pattern had not been found. Plus, 8 skeins of Cotton Fleece could be heard calling from the stash.  The color is a little out of the ordinary for me (the color in the above photo sucks), but about a year ago, the depth of this black/brown/green yarn spoke right out loud and, well, what's a grrl to do?  (The color in the photo on the right may be more true.)

My intent is to keep blogging as often as the ideas come and I appreciate your comments of encouragement. I will do all I can to fix the arm/shoulder problem so I can "knit on, with confidence and hope, through all crises", as well as through the best of times. 

This video is Mo Roca's story on "itchy knitting" from CBS Sunday Morning. You'll get a kick out of it!


Fantastic, you can knit again, but be patient. The cardigan will grow, even slowly.


It's good that you can knit even a little bit and thank you for the laugh :)

I watched that video just this morning! You're right, I definitely did get a kick out of it.

I love Kirsten's new sweater design, too, and I want to show it to Hannah. I think it's something she might like. I've never knit with Cotton Fleece before but I don't usually enjoy cotton. That's the only thing that's putting me off. I'm so glad your shoulder pain has eased some and you can knit again!

Glad to hear you're back on the sticks! Take it slowly.

Wonderful that you are able to knit a little again, but be careful. The cardi pattern is lovely. And about your blogging blip, the right comment would be: take your time, just blog whenever you feel like it. But the honest comment is: I will miss your blog posts!

I loved the video! Thanks for sharing it!

Don't over do it, but enjoy!

And now I'm contemplating Que Sera. :)

I chuckled. BMW's;-D Thanks for sharing that. I remember when you were having trouble with your knitting and wondering aloud about it. Nothing like absence making the heart grow fonder, huh? Que Sera is you. I can see you in it and I think your yarn choice is interesting and clever.

Yay for the Que Sera!
I was in Brooklyn General doing a photo shoot on Saturday morning, unrelated, when Mo Rocca came in to film the parts of this segment where he's browsing, and talking to the camera. I am a witness, he does knit for real, not for show . And, is also working on a sweater in Brown Sheep yarn.

I liked that cardigan when I saw it. Now is not sweaterknitting time for me, so I will enjoy watching yours come into being in whatever time is right for you.


Yay! You're knitting! I need to try Cotton Fleece.

I agree, yay for knitting! Cotton Fleece is such a nice yarn - it will make a very comfortable sweater, I think.

A little bit every day! I'm glad you can knit again. :)

I enjoyed the video. I hadn't even heard of the controversy until now.


So glad you're knitting again, and I love reading your blog!

I watched that video yesterday after you told me about it. Funny!

what a funny video!can't believe that woman at the end can "relax" at that pace!!

That's awesome. All of it. So glad you're able to knit (carefully) a little bit!

P.S. You know we always love your blogging -- with or without knitting content. XO

Thanks for the video - did you see Franklin in there ;o)

Love Cotton Fleece! My hands sometimes have issues with 100% cotton, but not with CF.

Saw your comment over at Norma's and was wondering if you and Smith know about High Country Gardens? They're in Santa Fe (similar climate to you?) with a web-presence.

OK, I watched. You convinced me. I am totally showing this to my 6-year-old (who is becoming a competent knitter!) Take care of yourself.

Yarn can be quite loud sometimes. I love summer sweaters in muted colors, and winter sweaters in bold colors. I think my upstream fish is dominant. Yours might be too.

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