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Oh My! Blue Monday



Poor little blue pansies were covered with snow by Saturday's storm.  It usually snows on my birthday, as spring and winter continue their tug and pull.  Spring will eventually win.

My birthday was a humbling and fabulous day. It was overwhelming to hear from so many virtually friends (you) and because Smith, the best husband in the world, threw a surprise party for me (with a little help from my real life friends).  It was truly a surprise and I was bowled over.  Cheryl said I had a "wealth of friends" and it is so true. I feel like George Bailey when his brother said he was the "richest man in town".  


You're the richest girl in the West!! Glad it was wonderful!!

Glad the surprise was a success. I was off helping celebrate another Mar 14th birthday. xo

Fantastic! I bet you had a wonderful time!

I'm glad you had such a great birthday!!

Ouch, still pretty though!

My Blue Monday post

Special people deserve special celebrations! So glad yours was wonderful!

What a fun time! And we are all the more rich for knowing you Margene!

Yep, you deserve special celebrations for sure!

Sounds like a nearly perfect birthday....'cept for that snow thing. Many, many more!

Whoops, I forgot to wish you A Happy Birthday! You share the date with my husband...and I was very busy trying to keep him from turning into a grump while dealing with kids that were very off because of daylight savings time.

Anyway, I certainly am glad to hear that you had a great day...and Happy Birthday from me too!

Happy Birthday again, dearie.

Glad your birthday was wonderful - hope you have a bazillion more just like it! :-)

It was all a ploy to keep you occupied so you wouldn't miss knitting. ;-)

Oops. Please come back to link in to Blue Monday, but first add a link on your post.

Glad you had a wonderful day!

aahhh, making good times, that's the best!
Pansies are tough little Beauties. I was always confused when 'Pansy' was used to refer to 'weak' etc. Not so. Call me a pansy any day. I think it quite the compliment. :^)

So happy you had a great celebration!

Yay!! I'm so glad it was a happy surprise for you!! I heard there was another something blue for you too...wheee!

I am so glad that you had a good birthday! It rained or snowed on my birthday for every one of my first 50 birthdays. This year? Beautiful sunshine. I almost did not know how to act, but am hoping this is the way it will be for my next 50 birthdays.

It was a great party! Here's to health and happiness in your new decade!

aww the poor pansies...happy belated birthday :) Happy Blue Monday!

Again, happy belated birthday - and better yet, and I am hoping you decide to declare the whole month as your birthday.

And, it is all well deserved, Sweetie!!!!

Glad you had a wonderful day, you deserve it! Hope the year ahead is fabulous.

Birthdays are wonderful. Each year I learn so much more than the last! Happy week, Margene.

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