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Blue Monday


Blue with orange has always been one of my favorite color combination's.  The little cobalt blue bowls were my mother-in-laws and, while I rarely use them, I love having them around.



Oranges are another favorite of mine and I have one every morning while they're in season. However, I make sure they're from California. Even though I'm not much of a locavore, I'd rather the produce not travel too far. 

When I was a kid my favorite way to eat oranges (and I ate several a day) was to dip an end in powdered sugar.  While I haven't eaten one in that fashion for years, I did have one for dessert last night.  Maybe that wasn't too fashionable for Oscar night, but it sure was good!


You would make a good New York Mets fan - their colors are Blue and Orange - I love these colors together as well - and am a Die Hard Mets fan as well. This is due to my father, who is still holding a grudge for the brooklyn dodgers going to california, and hating the yankees - Still waiting for a world series....Happy Monday.....

Since when have you cared about fashion? I say do it your way! Sadly, I can't eat oranges... I can just about smell those from here.

Orange + blue = my favorite bright combination. In fact, I plan to paint my walls an orange-y colour soon to be a foil to the blue couch and (soon to be added) blue curtains and bluish rug. I love that combo so much.

I've started supreming oranges lately to give to the toddler. It's surprisingly easy and pretty tasty. Not as much waste as I thought it might be.

Lovely! I adore cut cobalt glass.
(I prefer Clementines for my citrus, but it's all good!)

what lovely complimentary colors. what a great photographer too.

You are the first person I know that loves blue and orange as a color combination. It has been mine since I was a child. I also love oranges and my favorite way is to dip them in powdered sugar. Not often, of course, but that is what makes them a treat! Awesome!

I, too, love that color combination. And such lovely bowls! I hope you start to use them a bit more. They should be used and loved.

Who wants fashionable when one can have yummy?


Those are beautiful blue bowls, but look delicate. I can see why you would not use them every day.

I love oranges and I love powdered sugar, but I have never tried them together. Next orange I have is going to have to be dipped!

Lovely combination of colors!

I never ate orange dipped in anything actually, oh except some drinks:)

Orange and blue really GO together -- NICE bowls. I can almost smell that orange, and I love them and most everything orange-flavored. Mmmmmm, now you've got me thinking about Grand Marnier cake... :)

Congrats! I saw your lovely shawl on TC's newsletter today, also. You're famous!
The blue bowls are beautiful - with anything in them, or not. I decorated my kitchen in white and blue recently. The blue is so calming.
Have a great day, and thanks so much for the pictures, always so much sky!

Very pretty!

And those bowls are fabulous!

Pretty Pretty~

what pretty bowls.
and thanks for the new vocabulary word :-)

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