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Blue Monday


Blue with orange has always been one of my favorite color combination's.  The little cobalt blue bowls were my mother-in-laws and, while I rarely use them, I love having them around.



Oranges are another favorite of mine and I have one every morning while they're in season. However, I make sure they're from California. Even though I'm not much of a locavore, I'd rather the produce not travel too far. 

When I was a kid my favorite way to eat oranges (and I ate several a day) was to dip an end in powdered sugar.  While I haven't eaten one in that fashion for years, I did have one for dessert last night.  Maybe that wasn't too fashionable for Oscar night, but it sure was good!


Oh yum. I never thought of powdered sugar!

Beautiful pics. I have never eaten an orange that way. Sounds like a scrumptious dessert!!!! Happy Monday, Margene!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love that color combination too!

Love those little blue bowls! Charming.

Beautiful bowls! I get addicted to clementines when they're in season - literally eat them like candy.

Mom used to slice them (rather than section them) and sprinkle shredded coconut on top...haven't thought of that in years...wonder if she has? xo

Beautiful photos - those bowls are so pretty and the orange and blue is a great color combo. I had an orange last week that was SO good!

I will have to try my next orange that way. Thanks!

My mom would cut up oranges for my brother and I to eat with our Sunday night popcorn. Fortysomething years later, I still want an orange with my popcorn.

Love those bowls!

Alas, all citrus must travel a long way to get here...

When I read Kingsolver's book "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" I fell in love with the idea of eating locally. What kept me from going off the deep end was knowing I'd never be able to eat bananas or citrus again. Since I depend on those in the winter for my fruit, it quickly became a non-starter. The blue and orange combo in that light are gorgeous.

It's not surprising that you like that color combination....they are opposites on the color wheel! They are wonderful together in the garden, too! Love the little could serve orange sorbet in them!

So pretty. I love the smell of ornages.

Have you had any blood oranges yet? They are so entertaining with their color.

Yep. one of my favourite colour combos also. sadly oranges must travel far to get here but I buy them, by the bag. always put fresh fruit on the dinner plate and oranges really seem to hit it just right.

We used to peel the orange, separate the sections and place them in an overlapping wheel. Pile of powdered sugar went in the middle. Heaven.

Your blue bowls are just the right color.

Good morning, Margene! Thanks for your beautiful pictures...the colors are phenomenal! I'm writing, however, to congratulate you on your celebrity appearance in the March newsletter from Twist! Congratulations!!! You and "Cleite" deserve all the accolades in the world...and your kindness in knitting Cleite is even more praiseworthy!

Hope your week is sunny and's 60 plus degress in southern New England...I'm heading to the beach again today...a wonderful promise of good things to come!!!

We had some oranges last night from the Farmer's Market in San Luis Obispo and they were so delicious. I too have some blue glass from my mother in law and love the blue and orange combination as well. I used them now and then and think of her when I do.

Orange is the favourite colour of my 5 yr old grandson. When I asked him what colour he would pick if I knit him a pair of socks, he replied "orange". Then I asked (doubting I could find sturdy, inexpensive orange yarn) what his second favourite was, he replied, "blue". I reeeeally like stripes grammy so if you want to, you could knit me some blue and orange striped socks." So off we went to the lys, and lo & behold, I got a ball of orange and a ball of blue, electric both I think, but there will be stripes very soon for the sweet boy!

They're so beautiful in those bowls! I just bought a couple of oranges too. Yum.

Those dishes are GORGEOUS! Happy Blue Monday.

I like that! Happy Blue Monday :)

Lovely dishes. Happy Blue Monday!

How did you find an orange that was exactly the right hue and value to complement those bowls? What a lovely picture!

What beautiful bowls those are. I can see why you would like having them around you. I have never tried an orange dippe in powdered sugar, but it sounds an added treat. I think I might have to try that tonight.

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