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Tasty Tuesday

Weekend Recipe

  • Start with a pretty blue yarn and add a palm full of easy knitting (such as Carole's Picot Sock)Zzzzzzzzzyarnball
  • Listen to a the sultry, bluesy voice of Billy Holiday on a blue iPod
  • Fill a small, old blue crock with sunny flowers
  • Add a pinch of time with friends along with a dab of time to relax
Do not shake or stir. Just let it flow.


Really a good recipe for the weekend!!

What a perfect recipe to share with friends! :-)

Perfect recipe. Such lovely blues. And, my favorite combination. Blue and yellow. Happy Monday, Margene!!!

Nice recipe and colors!

Sounds idyllic!

And you cook, too?
Nice recipe! 8)

Wow, Heart IS pretty! Here comes Monday...

I'd like to pour me some of that!
Pretty sock! Happy week.

Sounds perfect!!!

i bless't my weekend with grand daughters as well.

You have the blue thing down. :)

Hmmm,,, sounds I will need to try this recipe asap! thanks for sharing :)

Sounds like an absolutely perfect recipe to me!

Aaaah, those Beautiful Blues. That's what I'm talking about, making good time. and yep, Sweet Sis aka Dianne is Very Good Love. What gorgeous turquoise-y blues. The yellow flowers in the blue vase, one of my favourite combos. Sweet :^)

Still life with yarn...I love it!

I won a blue iPod just like yours as a door prize on Friday! Was so psyched, and I bought yellow and orange tulips at the grocery store this weekend just to bring some color into the house! Your Blue Mondays are so pretty - I need to finish up my brown projects and start knitting with bright colors again.

Blues make good eye candy. Happy Blue Monday.

I love the way you blue!

Sounds great!

The carnations are totally adorable in their little blue crock.

I like the ipod.

What a nice blue Monday!

Mmmm, sounds great. Tonight, though, a friend and I are going to get shaken and stirred...or at least our margaritas are. We both NEED it. And perhaps some male dancers. Heh.

Great recipe. We should all try it.

Why is blue supposed to be sad? Your blue Mondays are so happy.

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