Weekend Recipe
How Can it Be?



Yum! Whatever we see gluten-free products, my kids say, "we should get that for Margene!"

That looks wonderful. A little whipped cream with your baked fudge? :D

Whipped cream and chocolate? Yummers!

Yummy to look at. Must be amazing to taste. We made Pioneer Woman's eggs florentine with veggie sausage a while back. So good!


That looks good. It's 8:10 a.m. and I want chocolate!!

Any time you combine chocolate and whipped cream it's GOT to be a winner! What a great way to . . . de-stress!

Haha! You're starting my day with dessert -- LOVE! ; )


Talk about heaven.

Wow. That tempts even me.

Bet that would be good with some coconut....


I think Norma's head just exploded.

Love Pioneer Woman! She could figure out a way to make cardboard yummy. And fattening...


That looks great! Just printed the recipe and might even try it at home tonight.

Yum, chocolate! Don't you love the Pioneer Woman blog. I really want to make her white chile recipe.

Oh, love the wordplay! (Well, I would.) I'll have to try this one.

Chocolate is "comfort" spelled backwards.

Hmm...that sounds pretty good right about now!

Yummy...gonna have to give it a try GF style.

That explains so much. /sigh

Looks wonderful!

Looks quite delicious, not sure I'll trade my dark dark chocolate truffle or not))

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