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Taken it Easy

It's a grrls prerogative to change her mind, right? After last years sweater frenzy and the "up against the wall" feeling of one deadline after another, it  feels too good to be deadline free. I'd say, "What was I thinking?", but when swept up in the moment, I often don't think and let excitement take over. The way I felt after making the decision to withdraw before the Opening Ceremonies was proof I'd made the right choice. 


Wednesday I started Carole's simple stockinette sockRav_linkredyarnball, but the call of Sprössling became too loud...could not be ignored (as did the beauty of Kim's Kashmir yarn.)  The nice thing is they should make grand companions.  The sock is easy and perfect for portability, the other, a lovely, beautiful lace will be good company while knitting at home.


So, both projects were on the needles before The Games began and, frankly, going with the flow feels great. I'll be on the sidelines rooting for you Olympians! Good luck.


Both yarns are so beautiful. Happy deadline-free knitting!

Sprossling will be awesome in the Kashmir!

I'm on the sidelines with you!!! After last year, i'm loving having six projects and the needles and jumping around like a rabbit from on to the other. No deadlines!

That Kashmir is delicious - Sprossling will be gorgeous.

You will look amazing in Sprossling. Anne Hansen is amazing, yes? I just finished my second pair of Carole's stockinette socks. I need to get pictures up. They were the perfect on the go knit. I think I may always have a pair on the needles! Enjoy, enjoy!

Excellent choices, all! I think "going with the flow" is always the right decision.

That sweater just says "Margene" to me. You will look fab in it!!! I joined the Olympics, but will withdraw today, before opening ceremonies. What was I thinking? I will cheer all from the sidelines with you, Sweetie!!! Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!

It's easy to get caught up in the moment. Sounds like you made the right decision...and your needles are not empty.

Good for you!!! Sprossling looks like it will be really cool.

You find the greatest patterns. Sproessling is beautiful and the socks look like the perfect relaxing knit with your favorite picot edge.

Those are 2 perfect projects! I'm not doing the Ravelympics either. Even if I had wanted to I couldn't have mustered the energy at this point. I'll just keep knitting on my sweater and hopefully I'll get it finished.

Gotta do what really is the right thing for you! I think about joining the knitting Olympics because it seems like a lot of fun BUT then I have a reality check in which I realize I don't need one more deadline in my life!

Good for you to just go with the flow!

Yay! You definitely don't need more stress.

I'm pretty much doing the same. I had set up a couple of fun challenges, but then everything went bad at work and stayed that way (still pretty bad now). Too much stress to add pressure from something totally optional!

I will be spinning every day, I will be knitting my Firefly socks. But I will also go ahead and finish the sweater I've been working on that's almost done and hope that I can wear it in a few days as it's a very happy-making color for me and I need some happy-making.

I don't need any new stress in my life either! My Olympics challenge for myself is to finish at least one WIP. It is the right thing for me to do and because of the way my work has been going it is probably all I can hope to accomplish.

Good call, grrl...I should be so wise.

Can't wait to see your Sprossling, that's in my queue too. My whole family is Olympics mad, my dad was an Olympic official for several Olympics, so I'm trying to make his birthday sweater as my project. It has to be finished by March 8th anyway, hoping this will light a fire under me!

When I clicked in last night and saw the 1,966 participants, my head exploded. If I didn't have this elbow thing going on, I might want to participate this year, because I'm so slow in work. But I really can't, and I think that's a good thing. I'll knit when I can, and maybe I'll get my mom's sweater done, but maybe not. It's all good.

Good for you! None of us needs more pressure or more deadlines in our lives.

Isn't Carole's pattern lovely?

Happy Long Weekend!

Great decision and beautiful wise choices enjoy your knits while we slave away trying to achieve all sorts of imaginary goals!

I wavered on my decision to "Olympic" or not... finally decided to just let it go, finish my 2 UFOs (an afghan and a RSP scarf) and be content. Weight of the world, suddenly lifted. I exaggerate, but sometimes I wonder why imposing more deadlines and benchmarks is a good thing.... I'm with you, Margene: on the sidelines, happily cheering others on!
Good luck to all Olympians!!

You seem happy with your decision and that's what counts! Sounds like you are already having fun anyways! It will be my first Ravelympics, so I'm pretty excited! Thanks for the cheers!

I love the yarns you have chosen and think they will be lovely with those patterns. I have joined the mayhem, but won't flog myself if I don't medal! There is a pair of socks that I want to make and the time period is the challenge for me. However, with 5 feet of snow on the ground, there is little else I can see myself doing over the next couple of weeks, so mybe I will finish. I have had some second thoughts all day, though....we'll see.

Should you just *happen* to finish before the deadline, you can still enter them as WIPs in the ravelympics. And if they don't work out, there's even a frogging event! (Although I don't hope it comes to that, both yarns are lovely!)

I missed your Feb. 10 post and am SO happy that you ditched the pressure of a deadline! You already won the gold...a happy new heart and good health! Relax and enjoy!!!

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