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Nutty Knitting

The first Nutkin is finished and, while I loved the yarn and color, I was not crazy about the pattern. Most of the problem is mine. The little voice that sends warnings was ignored, and I forged ahead, giving no consideration to trouble.

A sock with only 64 st. is just a bit too small for me and while I cast on 68 I quickly decided the sock would be too big and decreased away the extra stitches within an inch of the hemmed edge. Yeah, mistake number one. My knitting is very tight and often smaller than gauge. You guessed it, mistake number sock is smaller than gauge. 

The usual MO is to try a sock on as I go, or at least, check the gauge, but I did neither and, when it came time to measure for the toe, I could barely pull the sock on my foot. Yep, mistake number three. To make matters worse (yes, mistake number four), I ignored the warning from a commenter about the sock biasing. The thought of starting over drives me crazy, but the thought of going through with the second sock is driving me crazy, too!


Oh my, NEVER MIND!  Actually I like it and it fits well, looks great!  How'd that happen?

Sarah's yarn is wonderful and I love the bright blue bits on the olive ground. The yarn should wear well as it's a 3 ply and knit at a tight gauge (there is something to be said for ignoring gauge). I have my eye on another of her colors, Korea, and if I didn't have so much blue yarn already, it would be in my stash…not hers. If I stick to a couple of goals (knitting and exercise goals) it will be my reward, so I will wait until worthy of the purchase. It's not like I need sock yarn, ya know?

Sock attrition happened twice this week…TWICE! Sock knitting must continue!


It's a beautiful sock - the yarn, the pattern, the colors, your perfect fit. Sounds like a match made in heaven (or at least by your hands). Great work!

Nice looking sock.... it will be wonderful if it finds a mate.

So how did that happen? I've heard that pattern can bias quite a bit and that's why I've avoided it.

I thought the Nutkin sock would be a terrific compliment to the Owl sweater I have planned (remember Beatrix Potter's story). Hmm, perhaps I need to do a little more thinking. Yours looks lovely, despite the issues. Happy weekend, Margene!

Well, it looks great in the photo... Oh -- Happy Friday!

Your socks are beautiful! Nice colors too. I'm knitting my first socks. I think there will be some learning and size adjusting to make for me too! Always nice to hear other people stories ;-)

I agree with Suzy - it DOES look great in the photo. Hope you can get thru the other one too!

It sure is pretty!!

It certainly looks pretty darn good!

It looks like it fits. In fact, it looks terrific. Hard to take a sock picture when you're wearing it. Goals are good in exercise (and, probably knitting, too:oP). I'm pulling for you!!!!! Happy Friday, Margene!!!!!!!!!!

If you can get it on and it feels fine (it certainly looks good!), don't question it, just keep knitting.

I have some of her Greece that I can hardly wait to knit up. I had to knit my McGreggor's Garden socks first, though. They are so reminiscent of spring, which I really need right now.

It looks good. :)

Oh, that bright blue peeking through is just wonderful! :-)

It looks really nice. Glad it's working out - despite everything.

I love it! I have a skein of that colorway in my stash, and am loving the look of it knitted up...will have to get to it soon.

Ah yes...the little knitting voice in our heads. I ignore mine a lot, too.

Love the sock!

I'd not have put those two colors together at all, and -voila!- they WORK! Lovely socks and YAY for sock knitting continuing!

It looks great..if it feels's 'SOCK'
I never listen to that voice, I always think it's the rocks sloshing around~

Pretty! Its funny, I told you these were my favorite socks but I was confused. Mine are Penllyns, not Nutkins!

Sometimes it turns out a tight sock actually holds up and fits better in the long run. I love how these look!

yeah, I haven't tried that pattern either, same reasons as Carole, that it sorta spins on the foot.
amazing that sock mojo somehow made it fit in the end, eh? now the trick will be to knit the second exactly like you did the first!
you are braver than I knitting a pattern right now. bravo.

I really like how the colors move without overwhelming the stitch pattern. It's a great pairing.
You have my empathy about sock fit and small second-guessing voices: I have a lovely pair that have been in time out over a year now for that very reason.

I remember a time about 5 years ago when you held a contest to get rid of a single sock you had knit (and didn't want to knit the other one.)

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