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Instead of Norma's desire to see me in a black senorita dress, with black heels and a red flower behind my ear, I opted for a bright green wall. (No black dress of any sort, no heels of any sort, and no red flowers are at my finger tips.  This grrl didn't want to go shopping. You get what I got.) Although a red flower would have been nice.

Fridaandmeatgreenwall Fridaatgreenwall

Serendipitously, last Saturday we headed for a quick lunch at our favorite, local, fast food place, the Lone Star Taqueria (which has the best shrimp tacos anywhere). As we pulled into the driveway it hit us that the lime green wall would be the perfect backdrop for Frida. No doubt Frida Kahlo would be happy with our choice (although she would have preferred a dress and flower instead of jeans). It was fun to see the look on other patrons faces as they wondered what the heck that crazy lady with the shawl was doing.


Frida was a good companion, a good knit, a good place to put my head. She gave me a chance to knit without much thought and she helped relax and rewire my brain. Because I "let the knitting happen", the outcome of very long "tails" maybe a little too much.The tails are unwieldy and awkward, best worn tied behind the back like a Danish shawl, but the ruffle made a perfect ending and, overall, I love the shawl. (Better pictures of the long tails can be found in this post.) Frida is big, warm, soft and cuddly and on warmer days there will be no need to add a coat.

Shepherds Wool is a lofty, soft spun 3 ply, which creates the perfect quality for warm scarves, hats, mitts and shawls. The texture, and the hand, along with a nice selection of color, knit into a touchable drool worthy fabric. Frida is a very good friend who can brighten any gray winters day and keep a body warm. 


Pattern: A cobbled mix of ideas from Cheryl Oberle, Mustaavillaa and Kay Gardiner Yarn: Stonehenge Shepherds Wool -2 Garnet, 2 Turquoise
Needle: Addi size 9
Time to Knit: January 3 – January 29, 2010
Raveled HereRav_linkredyarnball


It was so soft, squishy, and perfect. I bet it becomes your favorite.

So beautiful and bright! The perfect thing to get you through the winter.

I think the long tails are a happy accident. It's looks great the way you are wearing it with the tails tied in the back!

Yep, definitely drool-worthy.

Next time she visits, get Norma to model it in the little black dress, heel and flower. ;^)

Beautiful and perfect! Well done!

Ole! You are so darling. I love the knit and your photo shoot.

Absolutely stunning. I love the idea of tying the tails behind your back. It answers that question of how to keep it from falling off!

Great shawl. It looks good with jeans, too!!!

That shawl is wonderful. I really love the strong colors and how big and bold it is. Wear it well.

I love it! Such cheerful, happy colors in the winter!

I love her! Frida is beautiful!
And you look delightful in her. (Nah, jeans are fine, dresses are too much like work!)

This is just beyond gorgeous! You look fabulous!

Frida is so pretty and looks so comfy and cozy!

Bee-u-ti-ful! I love her.

Love! A perfect shot of color in the deep mid-winter.

What a fun photo shoot! Sounds like the perfect place to wear your new shawl, and frequently:) I think being able to tuck the long tails around is a good thing... will help that shawl to stay in place. You could even use a big safety pin to clasp them together in the back and it would be hidden by the lovely drape of pointed ruffles and your arms would be free while wearing it. Just a thought....

Stunning! Both the shawl and you! It's so good to see you looking healthy and vibrant again...yay!!

I think it is perfect, Margene!


Margene, I read on Carole's blog that you were looking for the right rocker for your back and spinning. My current love is a Cracker Barrel rocker. The back support is fabulous for me. If they have that restaurant near you, go do a test sit.

What a grand shawl! You found the perfect backdrop and it goes well with jeans, too.

Frida is perfect for life on a grand scale.

Super cute! You're like a caped superhero! Lovely work.

Oh Margene. She is a beauty, and you wear her well.
And tell Norma that perhaps next summer you will feel up to buying slinky RED dress, and strappy flats, and then modeling gorgeous sexy shawl over your shoulder. hah!
For now, I love the saucy shawl against the green backdorp. perfect. (good job Smith!!)

I too have been all about garter stitch right now. Must be that the planets are misaligned for anything complex to women like you and me.

Frida is flat-out gorgeous! Such a wonderful shot of color to chase away the winter gloom! Using that green wall for the photos was brilliant!
Thanks for the link to the Danish shawls. I'd heard of tying the tails of a shawl behind, but the only time I tried it, I looked like I was wearing a bustle... I see now that the trick is in the long tails. I'm adding one to my shawl list.

It is always great to see you looking so model-icious. Pretty thing.

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