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My Blue Heaven


A (blue) teapot, a book on the (blue) iPod, a pretty blue cup and blue knitting (Milkweed) add up to a bit of blue heaven.


My tea habit has developed over the last ten years or so. It started with ice tea in summer and a few other tasty teas during the winter. Coffee was my drink of choice, but I drank tea when coffee was too much.  And then, we had a party at the Beehive Tea Room, visited the Tea Grotto and met TeresaC. She loves tea, talks about tea, and  along with the advent of tea houses in Utah, her passion helped to form my tea pallet.


The last time I had a daily cup of coffee was before my surgery. Since then my morning starts with an Assam tea and I drink a variety of teas (mostly green) throughout the day. Only on rare occasions will I have a latte, as my first choice is always tea, brewed at home (or by friends) in a special tea pot or mug. I'm no connoisseur, but I do like good tea and if you're a fan of tea, you may be interested in this article and the book it previews. I'm only a few pages into it, but tea has a very fascinating history…interesting reading when you're sipping a cup of beautiful, flavorful tea.


I love hot tea and coffee. I start the day with coffee and then have my tea throughout the day. Tea Grotto tea is simply lovely, btw. And, I love your covered cup!!! So many pretty blues on your Blue Monday;0)

Being from England, tea is in my veins!! And my American husband now drinks as much as I do!

Lovely blues! And, well, you know how I feel about tea. ;^) I can't wait to check out that book!

I'm not a coffee fan either - except for an occasional latte-type treat. I'll definitely check the book out.

Milkweed is looking good!

I'm more of a coffee drinker, but I have to admit that Terry's love for tea has rubbed off on me a wee bit. :)

Beautiful blues. Hope the sky matches.

My first cup of the day is always coffee and for the remainder of the day it's tea for me -esp green tea. During the winter tea is what keeps me warm on the inside. My core temperature tend to drop and it works fairly well. Assam has a great flavor and is one of my favorite black teas, though I drink it without milk.

Love all of your blue this morning. Milkweed is lovely.

Pretty blue, much like the sky this morning! Since retiring, I've enjoyed a cup of tea in the afternoon. This Christmas, I received a teapot for brewing loose tea. Haven't had time to purchase any yet ( the nearest tea place is 50 minutes away.)Sadly several tea houses have closed in my area. The economy,ugh.

Gorgeous blues - nice to see when the sky here is obscured by snow.

Part of me has long wanted to be a tea drinker...but I just can't get into it! I think perhaps if we had an accessable high-end tea shop (as my parents sort-of do) than it would be different. As it is, I have to order on line if I want something other than the grocery store basics.

I drank coffee until a few years ago when I realized that all I was drinking was half a cup of Maxwell House a day....what was the point?! I used Snapple ice tea to get me off the Diet Coke/Pepsi and started drinking green tea to replace the coffee and for health reasons. Then we went to Italy and now I have a cappuccino machine and haven't had a cup of tea since December! And then we got a Soda Stream carbonating machine so I can make my own "Diet Sprite".....not much tea here lately!

Oooh, that book will have to find its way onto my (freshly uncluttered) bookshelves!

Thanks so much for the links to the article and book on tea. I wasn't familiar with that book and have just ordered it after reading the article. Sounds very interesting. I enjoy your blog and seeing your beautiful knitting!

I thought I was at the wrong blog with all the blue and the tea and the blue!
; )

Love the blues! Raising my morning cup of Genmai-cha to the west ;)

I think Terry has turned a lot of us on to the deliciousness of tea! Great blues, Margene.

...puts on the water for tea now...

Uh, I guess I'm behind on the coffee-to-tea evolution curve, but I'm happy on my little coffee loving spot. I missed that party at the Beehive Tea Room. I DO like blue, though!

beautiful blue heaven.
and I have begun to drink green tea throughout the day as well.. it's so yummy.

Lovely blues! I can drink neither coffee nor tea (except peppermint), so I live vicariously through you.

I love them both! But with tea, I'm pretty pedantic when it comes to variety - Earl Gray and My Lady's Respite (decaf).
Your blues are beautiful...

I think it is very appropriate that your Blue Monday also honors our Queen of the Blues, Terry.

The blue, the teapot, the tea, the ipod. I had to blink to make sure this wasn't my blog! Hee.

Converting coffee drinkers one tea leaf at a time......

I love tea and malty Assam is my favorite!!! Sadly, I can no longer drink caffeine. :( Have you tried ? They have wonderful wonderful teas!

The kettle's is whistling while am typing this comment. I am making a cup of herb tea with ginseng and cinnamon to drink during my morning work break. I love tea in all its varieties. I love the colour blue in all its varieties. Thanks for showing us the beauty in everyday things.

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