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Kashmir Heaven

Not much knitting has been accomplished the last couple of days and lack of process equals lack of progress. When knitting isn't in at hand my mind jumps ahead to the next project and start-itis looms. (It would be so easy to cast on just one more thing!) Too much time is given to making queues of desire. I need to stay with the knitting of the moment and not be swayed.


When Sprössling is in hand she is all I can see and feel. Focus returns. The stitches create a simple lace fabric of soft luxury…pure knitting heaven. Tonight's focus is to finish the back, which is a little more than half way there, and perhaps, one front piece over the weekend. When given proper attention knitting grows. 

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That's a lovely yarn/pattern combo.

That's going to be absolutely stunning when you are done!

Beautiful. I love this sweater and that Anne had several different body types wearing it lets me see that even short, busty me has a shot at looking good! Can't wait to how lovely tall, slender you will look!

Is Sprossling as squooshy as she looks?

I think you will look so hot in that sweater. I love it and it was designed with you in mind (in my humble opinion). I'm headed back over to JessaLu's!! Have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend, girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know what you mean! I have a couple of projects I really want to start but I need to finish my sweater first. Discipline isn't very fun!

I have the same skeins marinating in my stash though not enough for a sweater. Yours is beautiful! Sounds like you are making good progress on her. Keep up the great work. :-)

Sprossling is going to be so beautiful.

I'm so glad you aren't giving in to the temptation of starting something new. So much easier to finish what's in your hands if you don't put it down and start something new. ;^)

The start of your Sprossling looks great :)

Congratulations on 5 years!

You truly want to see my head explode, don't you. ;o) Well, I love you for it - thanks for the 2nd mention! xoxo

Your Sprössling looks fantastic. Do you know the meaning of "Sprössling"? It is German and means baby, litte child, little boy, bud.
Have a nice weekend.


I am so loving that color! Wow! It just looks fabulous.

The fabric looks wonderful.

I know that startitis stuff. I'm fighting it too. Must finish stuff. Must.

Thanks for the shout... gave you several extra chances to win too!

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