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Go for the Gold or No?

There are several projects sittin' in my queue
And I'd like to knit more than a few
I'm all set to knit up something new
but there are too many I'd really like to do.

OK…I'm not much of a rapper, or song writer for that matter, but I am stymied as to what to knit next. This is a bad case of "knitters overwhelm". I want to knit it all…in the now, needles flying, able to knit at the speed of light…go, go, GO! What a silly pipe dream when I can't even decide which project is next!


Cute socks and beautiful flowing shawls are so enticing, entrancing, but there are 50 of each I'd like to knit. And for the first time this year I'm dreaming of knitting a sweater. I've swatched for a couple and think I've finally made up my mind, but so many more are calling from the stash. 

Part of the problem is all the projects on my needles will be finished within a couple of days. Needle emptiness looms and there is no way this knitter could stand "empty needle syndrome". Add to the mix Friday's opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games, the RavelympicsRav_linkredyarnball, and the desire to compete...well more like participate. Is it fair to join if you don't really want to challenge yourself to the nth degree? I wouldn't want to risk injury and knit non-stop, over the top, for 17 days. But, I'm drawn to Team Utah and knitting a design (or two) from "home grrl" patterns.

It's a difficult decision and I'm back and forth every day, looking at yarn, looking for the next project, or dreaming of chucking it all in order to knit a new sweater. Do I go for the gold or do I sit back as a spectator and enjoy knitting. Will I enjoy my knitting if I'm not part of the Team? Will "going for the gold" make knitting a chore or will it be just as enjoyable and rewarding? Last year I was unable to complete twelve sweaters, as planned at the first of 2009, so I would say I'm okay with disappointment. But that Gold Medal is a big carrot.


I know what you mean. I keep thinking about it. For me, the biggest challenge I can think of is picking something that will not tax me in a way that I should not, but still be a stretch. I do not even know if this makes any sense. I guess that for now, I will just get back to knitting my mittens.


Knit the sweater! I think you can do it, and it WOULD be a challenge it do it in less than a month. It's less problematic than knitting a shawl with split attention. You could do socks in your sleep.

I am suffering from the same knitting syndromes - after the madness of naniswemodo last year, i am struggling with what to do this year. also, i have been plagued by the frog bug - so i have been knitting, un-knitting and re-knitting each project, as i have just not been happy with the project. I am hoping this will pass -

What a delicious dilemma. Sweater or shawl? There must be socks on the needles always (due to attrition, right?). As for competing? Are you tiring of simple knitting? If so, go for the gold! I cannot wait to hear what you decide!!!

Knit the sweater - Sprossling would be stunning on you.

I'm struggling with the same thing. I want to join, but life has been throwing me so many curve balls lately that I'm not sure I'd be able to do it and don't want to fail. However, I've enjoyed knitting in the Knitting Olympics and Ravelympics before and really want to participate. Problem is deciding what will be my event and project. Must decide soon!

Do whatever eliminates anxiety. That being said, I do love that top swatch. Is it for Sprossing? I am furiously knitting valentine socks I cast on on Thursday, with the hope of finishing in time to join the WIP event in Ravelymics. I have far too many things sitting. I'm looking forward to seeing what you decide.

I say go for it! You were Soooo close on the 12 sweaters, and no cardiac surgeries planned for this go-round. I feel SURE you can go for the gold.

Just my mood this year,I agree with jill;knit what eliminates anxiety. If it's a fun sweater go for it!

Go for the gold!

I think you should do whatever is going to make you smile the most. :) Your swatches are both lovely!

I've decided to Go for the Gold. But I'm going to do it with a project that I really want to make -- AND one that I'll be able to complete while still enjoying the actual Olympics (not a whole lot of counting. . .). But -- no pressure! If I don't win the Gold. . . oh well! :-) Oh, and those swatches are Very Nice!

It sounds like you really want to participate to me. You can easily overcome all of the reasons for not particpating, so don't let that hold you back if you want to be part of the team.

Oh, that swatch in front is really lovely! Whatever could that be for?

I feel exactly as you do, and can't decide on an "event," either. And we're getting down to the wire...

Wow! Sprossling will be beautiful in that colour. I hope you will participate with whatever project feels right. We all have our own challenges. Some are technical and some are more personal. And like you said, it isn't really a competition.

Do what feels right. You will know what it is.

Those swatches are yummy. and I agree, Sprossling is a winner, especially in that colourway. I'm trying to decide on a project also and most likely for my own little knitting Olympics.

Knit what *you* want to - someone has to cheer for the team! You can root for all the Home grrls but be stress-free. I think thats probably important.

Look at this as a working break!!

Sitting here with an ace bandage on my elbow, and just feeling blue. Knitting is minimal.

I love your top swatch in the photo, whatever it is, I think it wants to be knitted.

I think you must knit whatever you feel most comfortable with.

I've decided to be a spectator, its more my speed this year.

When I get spoiled for choice, I try to finish something that's almost there or pick up something small. This time it's the quick knitting Leisl. I'm trying to knock it out before Friday so I can cast on a sweater for my dad's birthday in March. He may be getting it on the needles, but at least I know I'll put in some decent time on it watching the Olympics even if I don't get the gold.

The swatches are great looking! I'm impressed that you'll have empty needles -- I have many UFOs!!!

I am certainly not the one to ask! I have the widest noncompetitive streak, and even turn my back at the mere thought of competition. I would recommend that you can be a 'good cheerleader' while going at your own pace on your favorite Utah Grrl design that you want to make anyway. I agree with Jill... whatever brings the least anxiety!

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