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Go for the Gold or No?

There are several projects sittin' in my queue
And I'd like to knit more than a few
I'm all set to knit up something new
but there are too many I'd really like to do.

OK…I'm not much of a rapper, or song writer for that matter, but I am stymied as to what to knit next. This is a bad case of "knitters overwhelm". I want to knit it all…in the now, needles flying, able to knit at the speed of light…go, go, GO! What a silly pipe dream when I can't even decide which project is next!


Cute socks and beautiful flowing shawls are so enticing, entrancing, but there are 50 of each I'd like to knit. And for the first time this year I'm dreaming of knitting a sweater. I've swatched for a couple and think I've finally made up my mind, but so many more are calling from the stash. 

Part of the problem is all the projects on my needles will be finished within a couple of days. Needle emptiness looms and there is no way this knitter could stand "empty needle syndrome". Add to the mix Friday's opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games, the RavelympicsRav_linkredyarnball, and the desire to compete...well more like participate. Is it fair to join if you don't really want to challenge yourself to the nth degree? I wouldn't want to risk injury and knit non-stop, over the top, for 17 days. But, I'm drawn to Team Utah and knitting a design (or two) from "home grrl" patterns.

It's a difficult decision and I'm back and forth every day, looking at yarn, looking for the next project, or dreaming of chucking it all in order to knit a new sweater. Do I go for the gold or do I sit back as a spectator and enjoy knitting. Will I enjoy my knitting if I'm not part of the Team? Will "going for the gold" make knitting a chore or will it be just as enjoyable and rewarding? Last year I was unable to complete twelve sweaters, as planned at the first of 2009, so I would say I'm okay with disappointment. But that Gold Medal is a big carrot.


What about designing a sweater? When the ravelympics are up, you have an FO still, albeit one of your own design! You can use the chance to finish up some WIPs, maybe cast on something small to keep your needles occupied and swatch the pattern!

that sprossling swatch looks like velvet! it will be a fantastic sweater. anne's patterns are so clear, but she is not a Utah girl. if that eliminates that possiblity for you.

think about where you are with knitting right now. not where you were a year ago. that may help you with figuring out what you want to do.

Sounds like the same dilemma Lindsey Vonn is facing :)

I just disqualified myself - had a grand plan, but I couldn't wait to start my sweater until Friday - jumped the gun 2 days ago :-)
SOOOO I won't be knitting for the gold, but I'll be thoroughly enjoying knitting my first handspun sweater and watching the Olympics.
You can just decide on Friday!

I spy gull lace! Does that mean a FLS may be arriving? I love the look of the lace in that yarn. Stunning! I've been having second thoughts about the olympic forest canopy due to the pull of other projects I'm longing to knit. I guess I can always back out at the last minute, right? We're just doing this for ourselves, right? So it should be about what *we* want to knit and when *we* want to knit it?

I think you should definitely knit Brandywine. :g: It's a super fun knit easily accomplished in a week! :D

Follow your gut, sweetie, and please don't pressure yourself over it.

Most of all, knit for the enjoyment. Those swatches look like there's not a wrong choice. If you are truly torn between the two of them, put the swatches in a paper bag and let your hubby draw one.

Go for the Gold, that's the spirit of the athletes ;-) but most of all: have fun ;-)

I can't answer your question...but I can tell you that I'm in the exact same boat! My LYS is offering gift certificates to people who register and complete projects for the Olympics...but much as I'd love a $25 gift card, I'm not sure if I want to be doing that right now. I have a project picked out - one I know I could finish - but I'm also fairly obsessed with the Princess right now and my spinning.

Ah....what's a knitter to do...

I am competing this year and I'd love to get a gold but I'm in the Ravelympics more as a personal challenge. I love a good KAL and I find that they make me stretch myself. That said, I an very slow and pathetic at stranded knitting so I have very little expectation that I'll finish on time but won't it be a nice surprise if I do.

you are so dear.
And I think that you will choose justthe right path for yourself. I decided against the Olympic this time... no more competition for this knitter.

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