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Year of Socks

After her favorite pair bit the dust, Kim declared this the "year of the sock". The horror of loosing a pair is inevitable no matter how many socks you have. Some yarns don't wear very well and even yarns that do wear out eventually. Over the last couple of years I haven't knit many socks…in fact, only six pair in total. The few have kept up with attrition, but since I wear hand knit socks daily, October through April, there could be trouble ahead.

Therefore, in solidarity with Kim, and being true to myself (simplicity and knitting in the moment), I'll be joining in. There will be no exact number, no deadlines, no must knit patterns--only joy in socks.

Alovely bagandnutkinsock

You'd think I'd learn, but once again I started something too complicated and quickly realized how impossible it would be to keep the pattern right. In self-preservation mode I made the switch to a pattern that had been in my queue for ever so long, Nutkin. It starts out with my favorite hemmed cuff and moves into an easy, graceful design. The pattern and the Fiber Optica sock yarn, Thailand, work together beautifully, with the bright bits of blue sparking up the olive brown background.  It makes for very entertaining knitting. 


While the Nutkin socks grow slowly (and the shawl more so -- details to come), I dream of the many possibilities residing in my fingering stash. After sorting and playing with the stash this weekend I cam across an already wound ball of Socks that Rock.  Long ago the tag was lost, but if memory serves, it is named for Cara's hubby, G.  The bright colors will brighten the dreary winter days.  The other two balls just might be Susan's Pieces of Eight baby socks for a co-worker who is expecting in June.  Thus, the year of socks begins.


I'm on board with you on the socks! I have lots and lots and lots of patterns for them in my queue.

Ah...the comfort of sock knitting! LOVE the STR you're going to knit. The current sock is cool, too!

How fun! I know that in this house handknit socks are no longer a luxury, but a daily neccessity by 3/4 of the members in this family. Thus, I knit socks because I must!

What a great match of color and pattern.

Happy Year of The Sock.

You have your best 'Sock Face On'..Glad to hear the Mojo is back in your neighborhood..I know you will keep him busy!
Great to hear you're going to knit because you can!!
Hugs to you~

Yay!!! I will be starting my first pair tonight after I finish up with a small project. :) I love what you are making. :)

It's so sad but true that some of the most delicious yarns don't wear that well. Happily it provides a good excuse to keep making more but it's be nice if they stayed fresh longer.

I like it. My sock knitting has not kept up with my sock wear. I still have one sock to finish on the current pair and am itching to start a new set. Maybe I'll be productive in the coming weeks in the sock department...

It's hard to watch our handknit socks take the hits from constant wear... I just came upon a few that I made for DH that might be beyond repair, and two other pair with wee holes. Sigh. I dislike mending, but want to save the socks. I love the Nutkin pattern.

It makes me so happy to see you knitting socks!

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