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Year of Socks

After her favorite pair bit the dust, Kim declared this the "year of the sock". The horror of loosing a pair is inevitable no matter how many socks you have. Some yarns don't wear very well and even yarns that do wear out eventually. Over the last couple of years I haven't knit many socks…in fact, only six pair in total. The few have kept up with attrition, but since I wear hand knit socks daily, October through April, there could be trouble ahead.

Therefore, in solidarity with Kim, and being true to myself (simplicity and knitting in the moment), I'll be joining in. There will be no exact number, no deadlines, no must knit patterns--only joy in socks.

Alovely bagandnutkinsock

You'd think I'd learn, but once again I started something too complicated and quickly realized how impossible it would be to keep the pattern right. In self-preservation mode I made the switch to a pattern that had been in my queue for ever so long, Nutkin. It starts out with my favorite hemmed cuff and moves into an easy, graceful design. The pattern and the Fiber Optica sock yarn, Thailand, work together beautifully, with the bright bits of blue sparking up the olive brown background.  It makes for very entertaining knitting. 


While the Nutkin socks grow slowly (and the shawl more so -- details to come), I dream of the many possibilities residing in my fingering stash. After sorting and playing with the stash this weekend I cam across an already wound ball of Socks that Rock.  Long ago the tag was lost, but if memory serves, it is named for Cara's hubby, G.  The bright colors will brighten the dreary winter days.  The other two balls just might be Susan's Pieces of Eight baby socks for a co-worker who is expecting in June.  Thus, the year of socks begins.


This pattern has been in my queue for quite a while as well, along with so many other tempting patterns! I've found that I really feel lost without a sock on the needles, even if I only pick it up every once in a while! Not that I need many woolen socks here, but I've been wearing mine fairly often the last month or so. Enjoy the process while you work on yours!

That yarn just makes the Nutkin pattern sing, doesn't it? I'm so glad you are keeping things simple for now. Although, I could argue that simple means a plain vanilla sock (but, I won't;-P). Have a fabulous day off. I will be tottering off to work shortly.

Those are simply divine socks.

What fun! I love sock yarn -- such wonderful colors, and it just feels "right," too!

Oh yes, Nutkin! (Hits forehead with palm) I really liked that pattern, and haven't gotten back to it.
Thanks for the nudge.

That's a good plan and nice sock pattern to get started with.

I have that bag! A gift from my friend Pat. And apparently there's something in the air this year -- she and I are doing our own year of socks, with a new theme for each month. So far I'm on target, having just turned the heel on sock #2 for January. You can visit us here, if you wish:

I just knit a pair of 'pieces of eight' baby socks this weekend. Another fabulous pattern by Susan. I love your approach for the year. Have a great week!

I just downloaded Nutkin. It looks like a great pattern! I ned to make more socks this year, too. I recently had to retire my favorite pair.

Happy Year of the Sock!! I need to do some darning myself...

Enjoy your easy year of sock knitting.

There is such pleasure in knitting something as useful as socks. Enjoy.

...and a beautiful beginning it is!

I will also join in the year of the sock, with no deadlines etc - i only have 11 pairs, (although steve swears there are more in there) so i am in need of at least a few more - will be starting angee by cookie A. with the trip that starts tomorrow

Lovely idea! I have been looking at Nutkin, as well - am currently knitting the Artichoke sock, which is similar! Enjoy, Margene!

Warning: Nutkin biases. Be smart, follow the Yarn Harlot's example, and mirror the repeats to correct this. But if don't want to bother, never mind. It's still one of my favorite sock patterns.

Very cute socks and a well spoken sentiment about socks and wearability. Secundogeniture and I blew holes in 3 pairs of socks the other day... and another pair that had been washed numerous times, decided that same week to FELT! Four socks in one week. It was almost too much to bear. Almost. Good luck and happy knitting.

helllloooooo sock mjo! woo hoo! glad that you have returned! You will be brightening our friend Margene's life, and making her toes toasty. ;-) plus, you allow her a lightweight project to tote around while she rebuilds her muscles. Yay mojo!

I've wanted to try a nutkin too. I look forward to hearing how they go.
And, I'm thinking of knitting my very first ever plain stockinette socks (perhaps Carole's picot edge ones?)

The Nutkin looks great. I am also needing some new socks this year . . .

It's a plan. Especially if you want your feet covered October through April!

Good luck with your socks, those yarns in the last photo look to me like some Koigu but I see Koigu anywhere,,, LOL

I had already started putting together a bag of sock yarns I need to work on this year. Doesn't need to necessarily be socks, but I need to reduce some of the sock yarn. Nutkin was just added to the list, thanks! Glad to see your sock mojo is back too, I was missing it.

& What size feet do you have? Please remind me.


I've been discouraged lately by complicated sock patterns. I might do some patternwork on the leg part, but I'm having such a nice time knitting my toe-up socks in just stockinette at the moment. It allows me to enjoy the fabulous colors in my sock yarn and that's why I bought the yarn in the first place.

Hand knit socks are like having home made bread for your feet...pure heaven! My next project will be socks for my little 15 month old love...toasty and warm on these cold winter days!

I have worn a hole in the heel of my favorite socks by wearing them as slippers in the house. I'm going to try to rip out the worn area and knit a new heel. I've never done this before so I'm crossing my fingers!

Lots of love, stay warm, and please take care of yourself!

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