A Case of the Smalls

Too Much?

The meditative, almost hypnotic rhythm of garter stitch has proved to be restorative.  Going back to basics was a good way to feel good about my knitting, a good way to build confidence in my skills and a good way to let the process flow.

As happens often when I near the end of a project, a feeling of fear creeps in and I start second guessing what I'm doing, what's been knit.  Confidence dips, hopes fade and dread takes over.  Usually the feeling passes quickly as I look back at the many  successful projects knit over the years, but this time I nearly panicked. My emotions are often near the surface, worn on my sleeve, and sometimes it isn't  easy to calm down, abate the fear and move on.


Saturday afternoon, as I worked on Frida the fear struck because she looked like a huge, bigass blob in my lap.  The second skein of Turquoise Shepherd's Wool was almost gone.  OMG, do I need to buy even more yarn, is this shawl going on forever, are the tails more like tentacles, is this thing big as a blanket, (will it eat me alive)?!?


After pulling all 750+ stitches off the needles and trying it on, I thought it might be okay, but the fear was still strong.  I folded it up and tucked it into my knitting bag (it fills the whole thing up) and decided to asked the best knitting consultation group in the country, the SnB grrls.


Each grrl is an accomplished knitter and they all have large portfolios of finished projects. But, above all they are caring, honest, good friends. I knew they'd tell me what to do.  Shelley tried it on and I had to admit the shawl looked great. To a person they said it was perfect, it shouldn't be any smaller, and to finish it as it was. Later that night I put all the stitches back on the needle and knit to the end of the turquoise ball. Tonight I'll bind off while watching the movie Frida.  It will be the perfect ending for my trip back to the basics.

Smith and I thank you for the warm and heartfelt good wishes.  We feel very blessed to have many good friends and each other.


It's always good to get a set of neutral, knitterly opinions, especially if they carry the reputation of honesty. It looks good on the screen, but I hear your fears.

I had no idea you had self doubts about your knitting! I'm glad the grrls were able to reassure you about the beauty of this shawl.

I have those second guessing doubts all time too! So bad sometimes I will rip out a perfectly good project and start over. I thought it was just me!

Can't wait for the modeled shots!!

It's beautiful, Margene. So interesting that you go through this mental process - I do exactly the same thing, but I thought it might pass as I gained experience!

The proportion of the striped turquoise /ruffles and the solid red textured part look just right.I'm looking forward to seeing it on you!Will you be posing with a bowl of fruit & a flower in your hair?

You have the wisdom & patience to ease it off the needles & do a proper try on. That's the real lesson here.

So bright and cheerful! I love the colour combo.

it is perfect Margene!

Looks as if it will be something bright and soothing (at the same time!) for you to wear! Can't wait to see it on you!

What a lovely knit. Your creativity, patience and perseverance manifested.

It's so hard to tell anything about a shawl when it's all bunched up on the needles. I'm glad you asked your friends for advice before ripping it out, because I think it looks great!

It is beautiful. Your friends gave you the right advice.

The shawl looks great. You did a good job.


She's so gorgeous!

Thank goddness for the SnB grrls! I do love it!

It must not have been fun to put all of those stitches back on the needles, but it will be totally worth it. It looked great.

Sometimes the best view is . . . off the needles. So glad you decided to try it out on your "advisors." I can't wait to see it all finished. The colors are so cheerful -- they just make me smile!

Frida looks great and I really look forward to the modeled shots. Those colors really pop.

You know, I was a little hesitant to think of those two colors together. They are both really neat, but there's some sort of mystery synergy going on, there. The more I look, the more I like it! It's bold, it's fresh and it's bright! I'm glad you kept it going!

The shawl looks great, I'm glad everyone else talked you down from the ledge.

Happy Anniversary to both of you! You must have been a child bride...

It looks wonderful - cozy and warm. And perfectly bright!

I think you've got another winner, hon!

I think it is just beautiful, glad the grrls do too! I made a scarf of Shepher's Wool and adore it. It is such wonderful yarn. I am sure you will love wearing it too.

It looks warm and cozy!!!

Unblocked lace always looks a mess. Have faith and keep going. xo

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