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Secretcowlforsnb A little flurry at the end of the year brought the end to many little projects. The instant gratification of knitting small things has been enjoyable, especially after spending two months on Miss BB.  It was rewarding to knit two lovely gifts...a luscious, soft Ridged Lace CowlRav_linkredyarnball in Stonehedge Shepherd's Wool, and finish the men's fingerless gloves. On the right is a sneak peek at the cowl I made for our SnB swap, also in soft as buttah Shepherd's Wool.

Miss BB she was sewn together before the end of December and the self inflicted deadline was met! It feels so good to be wearing such a lovely sweater. She'll have a proper debut later this week. The year ended on a high note!

Thank you for your many wise comments on my Tradition post. You suggested I do what felt right, what would bring peace and joy. Watching one project after another come to fruition throughout the last few dats of 2009, and feeling the weight of WIPs disappear with each finish, helped me see a good beginning to 2010 would be a clean slate.  But, let me worn you, the next post might be titled "Melt Down".


Beautiful finished WIP's! Now we didn't tell you that you needed to finish them in a weekend....sheesh! LOL. I LOVE the red yarn!

Small projects can be just the thing to lift our spirits! Beautiful FOs, Margene. Can't wait to see th new sweater, too.

Ah, a finish to the year that evokes "happily ever after" instead of "if only".

What a great way to end the year!

Forward! It's my state's motto and I'm considering it for mine in 2010.
(Hm. I wonder where my Ridged Lace Cowl is...?)

"Melt Down"? Oh oh...

Lovely! I went with knitting the hat. I began it on 12/31 and finished it on 1/2. It gave me a sense of accomplishment that I needed to end the old year and begin the new. I knit the Quincy hat and it is a pile of fun to knit. I recommend it.

Lovely! I'm thinking that maybe some frogging occurred?!? I frogged somthing that wasn't working this weekend and it felt GREAT!

Happy New Year!!

Beautiful - love the cowl, and the fingerless gloves look mighty appealing right about now :)

Would that be a good thing??? Could it be a good thing???

What a wonderful way to end the year. Beautiful knitting projects. Can't wait to see Miss BB!

That is just the fingerless glove I was looking for. Thanks for the link and for sharing all your great projects. I look forward to more 2010:)

Wow, that's a great looking manly fingerless glove. Love it. And the cowls, too, of course. :)

Lovely projects, Margene! I love that Shepher's Wool. Stonehedge is about 20 minutes away from my vacation home in Northern Michigan, so I have had the pleasure of actually visiting and buying yarn right there. Such a nice place and Deb is wonderful....and the yarn is yummy.

I, too, have been discovering the joy of quick projects lately...and am trying to get a few more things finished so that my own decks are cleared.

Lovely knits!

You're the Come Through Girl!..never had a moments doubt that you would not finish BB..she really is a lovely 'lady on you'...
Which pattern did you use for the cowl..if you don't mind sharing that info..
I whipped up a quick one last week and boy has it been a lifesaver the last few days during pup walks..it was a chunkier than my previous but this one of yours looks so pretty!

oh gosh I really am blind..I read right over the cowl pattern..duh..sorry..I think the cold weather has frozen my brain partially..or totally..hehe

Lovely as always.

Melt down? Oh no! I'm sorry.

The red cowl is perfect. A real take charge color. That should get you through any melt down.

So nice to see you are off to a good start.. even if a melt down got thrown in. Smith looks happy with his gloves, and I am happy that you inspired me to go in an owly direction, even if slightly different. Like what I already saw of Miss BB on FB and can't wait for the 'proper' debut.

love the FO's..... and the color of that rigged cowl is awesome.

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