Melt Down Day
Saturday Sky


WOW! you are amazing :)

Wonderful! So many beautiful projects.

indeed breath taking to see them all in one place.
((more hugs))

That is amazing! All that wonderful lace AND all those sweaters!

What a lovely collection of handknit items and memories.


Now *that* represents a seriously impressive amount of time, talent and determination!!
You are a Goddess! Congratulations.

I admired all your FOs one by one already; taken together they form a stunning recap to your year-in-knitting. Bravo!

That is a most impressive collection! Way to go.

That is one impressive count!


Nice job.

I can't even look at my knitting 2009. Can't do it.

So many wonderful knitted items, and a kind of diary of the year at the same time... a sobering thought, that. Lovely, lovely work, all of it.

Only your smile outshines Miss BB in your post of a couple of days look as if you're on top of the world and enjoying the ride! YEAH for deserve every minute of happiness! Your sweater looks amazing and you look even more amazing! Keep up the good work and don't fret about the knitting for a while. It will always be waiting for you when your recovery is complete.

Your accomplishments this year are nothing short of incredulous - especially considering that 2009 wasn't very kind to you and those you love. I love your newest project...the red shawl...the symbolic color of the human heart...and of course, love! It will be your favorite...just wait and see! :)

Please be patient with yourself...I have sometimes put knitting down in disgust and wonder why I torture myself...and I haven't had cardiac surgery! S-l-o-w and is a journey to be enjoyed...not a race to be won.

May 2010 be the best year ever for you, Margene!

And you didn't even count your heart "knitting". You are the best! What do you have planned when you are completely well? Best Wishes for the entire year!

My goodness!

Holy crap! That's a mountain of beautious knitting!

/mumbling to self about actually knitting instead of just thinking about knitting...

You had an awesomely productive year, Margene. But, the much more important part is that you are healing.

You are such an inspiration! Thank you for sharing your beautiful knitting. Hope 2010 brings healing and joy into your life!

When I see something like this, I realize I am not really a knitter. *pout*

A stunning collage. XOXO

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