Melt Down Day
Saturday Sky


Oh, wow! I saw it as you knit each piece, but to see them all together is amazing.

An incredible feat! Pat yourself on the back Margene! Beautiful-all of it.

stunning and breathtaking...each one! wow!

I want to be Margene when I grow up!

they look great! And those lace shawls are amazing....

A wonderful collection for sure! I just love these mosaics, too.

Beautiful. I know your focus was on the sweater goal, but all that lovely lace is amazing. Such detail and talent. Kudos!

What a lovely and varied year in knits. My personal fave is the second from the last on the left side. Have a wonderful, restful, healing weekend, dearheart. We are still healing.

What beautiful things you made!

Nothing like a little collage to put it all in perspective! ;^) A very good year!

Ten shawls, too?! Wow. I saw each and every one in progress or as you finished, but WOW!

And you had time for a major heart overhaul as well..amazing!
All lovely and thanks so much for sharing with us~
Here's to another great year of knitting!
Inside informer tells me you're going to have a Stellar Year!

Holy Moly!! You managed to get an incredible amount of knitting done even with your time on the sidelines. Margene that is amazing!

Really an amazing year of knits!

Wow that is amazing considering all you've been through this year. Congrats!

What a huge accomplishment given all you've been through! Well done!

What a stunning collection!

you've got to be one of the most prolific knitters ever (especially considering everything on your plate this year, as well). i want your wardrobe. ;)

beautiful work.

Amazing. You had a very busy knitting year. Everything is just beautiful. I love the shawls.

Cool! How do you choose a fave?

Isn't it fun to look back and see the sum total of a year's 'work' ?!

That's so impressive. I can't imagine doing so many large projects in one year. They're all gorgeous too.

They're beautiful, all of them! And your photography of them is amazing, too. Very artistic. How do you decide which of your lovely creations to wear each day?

That is quite an amazing year! Not even taking into consideration all of your troubles at the latter end. Congratulations!


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