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It was beautiful. Way back then. Here's hoping for more sun this weekend!!!

So I take it the inversion has set in. At least you know that it doesn't last forever.

Gorgeous. It makes me really want to be there!

It's about time for another, I'd say!

We've got a bit of pastel blue showing around the edges of the clouds today. But since it's the first blue sky we've seen since early December, I'll take it and be happy...

=( Thanks for the reminder that we do get them here.

Your sky is always SO impressive!

Thrilling. What a day!

Pretty! I hope you get some sun soon.

Lovely! ours are blue today too but oh so much paler than yours.

Absolutely breathtaking!!

Breathtakingly beautiful! Peace and hugs for a wonderful weekend!

Oooh! The dreaded inversion... Fingers crossed for a few peeks of sun.

Inversion. Can't stand it! Hopefully you'll have time for a drive above the clouds for a little light therapy. How are those Happy Lights working?

When it's clear. . . that sky is just incredible! :-)

Beautiful sky. We had a blue sky day here in Michigan yesterday!

What a fabulous sky... your title implies you are stuck under the inversion... sorry about that.

I forgot how pretty it could be. It's like hanging out in a smoky bar now, even at noon. I miss the sky.

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