What a beautiful start to my Saturday. Thank you!

Gorgeous! I love a sunrise behind a mountain!

Breathtakingly beautiful!

That would be enough to raise my spirits!!!!

So lovely. Despite the occasional horrid air, we really do live in a stunning, wonderful place.

When there is no inversion, there is nothing like a high desert sky! Thank you.

Lucky you to live there and see this!

I do miss the Arizona sky - I think it's the only thing though :)

Isn't it nice to go outside and breathe deeply?

I am right with you about disliking January. Bring February on!

Wowie, gorgeous!!!! That would make my heart sing, too.

Thanks for sharing that, on this gloomy rainy icy Saturday...


i think i've forgotten to tell you how much i like your new red umbrella.

Beautiful. I am enjoying the (slow) return of sunlight at both ends of my work day!!

It's beautiful! Happy Saturday!

What a magical place!

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