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I love this sweater THIS MUCH!

Last week Kym commented that Miss BB would be a "power sweater" for me and I would feel its power every time I wore it. She was so right! Miss BB is not a hard sweater, in fact the pattern is well written and straight forward, but I had so, so many problems from ennui to multiple frogging episodes and screwing up the back cable. (While I don't believe in pointing out problems I don't want anyone to think my back cable is right…it is not.) However, I power through, fudge and fix as I went and in the end I'm very happy with the result. Miss BB looks great, feels great, and makes me feel great, too.

Back ofmissbb

At times I just didn't know if I could/would finish, and yet, I knew the end product would be worth the arduous process. Getting the brain in the right gear has been hard (I'll tell you more about that later). But, the bottom line is of all the sweaters I've knit in 2009 (Eleven), Miss BB may just be my favorite. 


Pattern: Miss BB by Chicknits
Yarn: Beaverslide Worsted, Glacier Blue – 5 skeins
Needle: Addi 6 and 8
Time to Knit: November 1, 2009 – December 31, 2009
Sweater #11 for NaKnitSweMoDo (now 2010)Rav_linkredyarnball
Raveled Here Rav_linkredyarnball


You, quite rightly, look very pleased with the outcome!

That is PERFECT Margene!! It looks fabulous on you!

It's just perfect! Any sweater that makes you feel that good and by the way looks that good on you - well, it's just absolutely perfect! (((hugs)))

That may be the perfect cardigan.

Awesome sweater, and it looks great on you too!
Now I want to make it.....

A great color on you!

I LOVE it, Margene. It looks fantastic on you. I bet you will get a lot of wear this year -- it's *that* kind of sweater!!

She's an absolutely stunning sweater and I'm so glad you finished it. Way to be a fighter!

Oh, I say that sweater should count as two, it's that fantastic! LOVE. IT.

It's fantastic and looks beautiful on you!

You look fantastic - great color and a very becoming sweater!

A great knit in a fabulous yarn! You look so happy wearing it, too. Nice one, Margene!

Yay for Miss BB - and you too!
I picked up the stitches for the 2nd sleeve, shaped the cap, and got about 2" down the sleeve before I realized I hadn't picked up enough stitches around the armhole to start with. RIIIIIP!

Great job. I am glad it was worth your efforts.

Too Too Pretty~

A wonderful finish to a great line of sweaters!

oh so stunning. I just love you in blue. And it sure looks like it suits you to a tee.
power sweater indeed!!

you and that blue were made for each other!

Margene, it's gorgeous! And I love the pics - you couldn't look happier :)

Now off to order me some Beaverslide - I'd been on the fence and you've pushed me off....

That sweater looks great on you. It has such nice details. Wear it well!

It's a wonderful sweater and I'm so glad you love it because it is truly worth the time and effort to get it finished. Happy New Year.

Fabulous, perfect and wonderful. Sort of like you but a sweater. ;^)

Love the sweater. You look awesome

Beautiful! I have to add this one to my queue.

She and you are just beautiful!!!

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