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I love this sweater THIS MUCH!

Last week Kym commented that Miss BB would be a "power sweater" for me and I would feel its power every time I wore it. She was so right! Miss BB is not a hard sweater, in fact the pattern is well written and straight forward, but I had so, so many problems from ennui to multiple frogging episodes and screwing up the back cable. (While I don't believe in pointing out problems I don't want anyone to think my back cable is right…it is not.) However, I power through, fudge and fix as I went and in the end I'm very happy with the result. Miss BB looks great, feels great, and makes me feel great, too.

Back ofmissbb

At times I just didn't know if I could/would finish, and yet, I knew the end product would be worth the arduous process. Getting the brain in the right gear has been hard (I'll tell you more about that later). But, the bottom line is of all the sweaters I've knit in 2009 (Eleven), Miss BB may just be my favorite. 


Pattern: Miss BB by Chicknits
Yarn: Beaverslide Worsted, Glacier Blue – 5 skeins
Needle: Addi 6 and 8
Time to Knit: November 1, 2009 – December 31, 2009
Sweater #11 for NaKnitSweMoDo (now 2010)Rav_linkredyarnball
Raveled Here Rav_linkredyarnball


This sweater is unbelievably delicious. I can't wait to make mine!

Looks fabulous! And thanks, because I've now found the perfect sweater for my SIL who desperately needs a new one. And if I buy the pattern for her, I just might have to make one for myself.

Yay! You look great in it!

My goodness, the sweater is great, but you look fantastic! I'm so happy to see you looking so well and so happy!

Fabulous! Love it!

The sweater is gorgeous but what I love the most is your smile! :)

It is the perfect jean jacket-sweater! Do you take ginko?

Happy New Year Margene!

I'm so happy that you finished Miss BB and I believed and knew you could do it!! Your beautiful smile and sweater looks amazing!!! Love the color and the design is so flattering :-) Congratulations!!!

Wishing you good health and happiness for the new year! Thanks for inspiring me with your beautiful knitting, photos and words...

Miss BB looks wonderful Margene! Beautiful color and looks great on you! I switched yarns and am starting mine over but I am still loving working on it. Congratulations on a beautiful sweater!!

Beautiful sweater! Looks great on you. Bonne Marie writes a great pattern.

I love it! And you in it! I can see the power surging throughout you, great finish, and the process-having to do with so much more than just the knitting, gives hope to us all. Mwah.

I can just feel that current humming. Use it well!

Damn you Margene...I have things to do today...I have a sweater already on the needles and here I am casting is all your fault. Bonnie Marie should give you a cut of the pattern profits today :>)...I KNEW that long stashed Debbie Bliss cashmerino would speak to me one of these years...
Seriously...that is one fine looking sweater woman...and you look wonderfully healthy in it!!!

Oh, it's wonderful! Great fit, terrific pattern, looks marvelous on you. And your smile... priceless.

LOVE! That is a star sweater and you look AMAZING! Keep doing whatever you're doing. AND I may just have to invest in some of that Beaverslide yarn too.

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