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Inspiration comes in many forms, whether pictures, words (written or spoken), patterns, or ideas from friends. Everything mixes together, bit by bit, like a good recipe, and with a dash of this and a handful of that, not too much effort is needed to create a one of a kind project. The biggest ingredient is time.

One piece of inspiration, which spurred my choice and helped named this shawl, was Barbara Kingsolver's new book, The Lacuna. Frida Kahlo is a large player in the story and the description of colors, textures, and art, along with Frida's spirit, fueled my imagination. The day before the "meltdown day" I visited Shelley in the LYS and told her of the imagined project. I just couldn't justify the purchase of more yarn, but knew the idea would eventually come to fruition.


But, once the meltdown, and the resulting intervention, come about Shelley, Cheryl and Smith urged me to follow through. They decided the best way for me to make it through this challenging time was a return to the basics and what better way than an elegant, simple garter stitch shawl?


Cheryl suggested a shawl inspired by Mustaavillaa, and her many beautiful garter stitch shawls, and since the yarn and colors had already been planted like seeds in my brain, it was easy to water and fertilize the new idea and make the first steps on the journey of renewed discovery, new pathways for my brain to engage in the process.

Cheryl Oberle's book Folk Shawls is full of basic, beautiful, elegant shawls, and Tehri used the Wool Peddler as the basis for her ruffled shawl. I also remembered seeing Kay Gardiner's Theri inspired shawl and searched through her archive to find it. The basis of Kay's shawls was Feather and Fan, a design to fit the shoulders more securely due to its longer tails.  Kay didn't knit the eyelet pattern, keeping the body in garter, but I went ahead and added the eyelet rows for a little interest. 


The original intent was for a ruffle in blue, but as I knit, I felt as if a little transition of color would be a good idea and three rows of blue were added followed by one last eyelet section.  The number of stitches has now been doubled to create the ruffled edge.  This shawl may now go on forever.

(More info on Ravelry)Rav_linkredyarnball


Isn't mindless knitting wonderful? And garter is so cuddly.

Beautiful ideas! Big shawls do seem to go on and on... and on, but are soo worth it in the end.


It's lovely!

Both the knitting and the wearing will be healing to the spirit. Enjoy both.

good knitting DOES continue on forever. ;-)
love the shawl.

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