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A Case of the Smalls


After living in the land of giant knits (sweaters after sweater and then a large shawl) the need for smaller projects has taken over. Nutkin has been tucked in my purse, safe and cozy in one of Kim's darling (and useful) bags (my bag, however does not match my project). Poor little Nutkin is always ready for any amount of attention I can give, which only a little here and there. For some reason, the first leg of a sock seems to drag on and on, but after the heel is turned the sock seems to fly off the needles. Before you know it, the second sock has been started and is well on its way.


I'm still on the first sock, enjoying the pattern and the beautiful yarn and I've just started down the foot. The rest of this pair will go quickly now that Frida is finished. I'm not crazy about short rows for socks and Nutkin has a short row heel and toe. I'm doing my own thing and using my favorites. I do like heel flaps.

Many new (small) shawl patterns have crooked a finger, drawn me in, and with so many wonderful yarns at my disposal (stash!), it has been hard to decide which to knit first. The list is long, but I've narrowed down the next two.  

Casbahfromrachel TeresaC posted about Blue Monday which gave me the idea of having one blue project on the needles throughout 2010. A grrls gotta have something to shoot for and this sounds easy.  The first shawl, and first blue project, will be Milkweed in luxurious Casbah. I love the shades of blue in this yarn, a special gift from Rachel. It will feel so good, so warm, and so soft around my neck. Since I wear shawls year round and love small, lightweight shoulder shawls, this design should be a perfect project . Hopefully the pattern won't be too complicated for my brain to handle and I can cast on this weekend. 

Did you know you can sort your stash on RavelryRav_linkredyarnball by color? After I saw how much of my stash was blue I knew I could keep up with the challenge (and not buy much more).  But, I do love red, pink, brown and many other colors, so don't worry...I'll leave the total blue knitting to Teresa.

There is very good news from my cardiologist.  He said my heart is in excellent condition and the surgery was a success in all ways. After having valve and rhythm problems for most of my life, my heart is better than ever.


Excellent news!

Fantastic news from the surgeon!

The blue year sounds like a great theme and so completely without stress, I like it. So happy to hear the excellent news about your ticker!

Great news.

A year of blue sounds like just the ticket for you. I love those Nutkins!


Great progress on Nutkins, gotta love blue, and yay for your Heart! xo

Such good news! Happy relaxing weekend, Margene!

That bag is really cute! And the yarn is a gorgeous blue - how many of your blue yarns remind you of the Utah sky?

Good news, indeed! Huzzah!

It's good to see your sock mojo back. Great news from the doctor means your life is getting back to normal. We are so happy for you!

Your heart may be stronger than every, but it's always been a very very good heart;-D I love your Nutkins. Tempting pattern. It's been in my queue forever. Happy Friday, dearheart!!!!

Wonderful heart news! Those blues are gorgeous! (just look at all those blues, must be a thousand hues :^)
Happy Weekend!

Wonderful! So glad things are healing nicely:~)

Your post definitely saved the best for last! So happy to hear the great news about your heart. That warms January right up, now! :-) (I have never put my stash on Ravelry. I'm afraid. But the sorting feature sounds nice! And. . . I love the idea of having something blue on the needles all year long.)

Great news from the cardiologist!!

So good to hear that you're doing so well. Small projects are so good for so many reasons. Not the least of which is nearly instant gratification.

Super news on the cardiac front Margene! Love your idea of a blue knit throughout the year. Cool color distribution in your Nutkins.

Hurrah for your heart! I have Nutkin planned for my next socks for ME.

Woo Hoo! Great news :)

Wonderful to hear that your ticker is in excellent shape! Huzzah!

yay for the heart news!
and the blue is so pretty!! have a great weekend.

Good news about your heart! Have a great weekend!

A better than ever heart is good to have! great news :)

Just this week I looked at an assortment of drying hand knitted socks and decided I much prefer the heel flap ones!

I started Milkweed a few days ago, you may want to put markers at the start and the end of the row to remind you to do the kfb every row, I keep forgetting them and having to go back for them,,, I must put those markers too,,, hehehehee
I did put a marker next to the center stitch so I will not forget to do the yo's there.

Have a great relaxing weekend

Excellent news!! That must be such a relief for you.

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