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In the past it has been my tradition was to cast on for a big project New Years Day. This year I'm uncertain about starting anything new. With several projects still on the needles, and the desire to knit a few "small things" (after so many sweaters last year), it just doesn't seem right to start another project.


Beach GlassRav_linkredyarnball hasn't been touched in several weeks, and the deep blue Almeara Gloves would be the perfect compliment to Miss BB. I'd love to work on both, plus knit a cowl for the SnB swap coming up on the 12th.  Also, on my "to knit" list is WurmRav_linkredyarnball, a nice warm hat, a pair of socks (with Sarah's beautiful yarn), baby socks and a couple of small shawls. (whew)

I'm a bit sick of knitting sweaters. Even so, the next sweater project has been selected and will wait its place in the queue.  The next shawl is also in waiting. However, too many projects on the needles can create problems. Together they overwhelm me, tax my all ready confused brain, and cause paralysis of project. This quandary leaves more questions than answers, but does highlight the need to finish a thing or two.

Decisions, decisions, what to do! Stick with tradition and start a new, big wonderful project for 2010, or no? Count me befuddled.


A big knitting project = lots of small knitting project. Go with that. Consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. Your big knitting WIP is your chest.

I'm a believer in change as a tradition in its own right.

I agree with Laurie and Mel. Sometimes working on finishing those small projects frees the mind to pursue a large project. Something fulfilling about small projects all lined up in a row!

Do what feels right this time. I know you'll figure it out.

I like what Laurie has to say..........I love Laurie! If the thought of coming up with a big project is overwhelming you right now then take each little project one at a time until the cloud starts to lift and you can enjoy planning a new one. :)

I don't make resolutions for the New Year any more but I do try to think about my intentions for the coming year. My knitting intention is to try to finish things before I start others: to have fewer WIPs going at any one time, and to finish some of the current projects before I start new ones. So my vote is to follow your heart, and if it tells you to finish a few more items first, listen. If casting on calls loudest to you, listen.

I've always been overwhelmed with more than a couple of projects on the needles at one time. Ignore the calendar and go with what feels right today. You can change your mind anytime along the way.

I second what Linda M said.

Laurie is wise.

Go with what feels right. It's been a year of big changes for you - maybe this is just one more step of the journey.

I think you answered your question yourself, "it just doesn't seem right to start another project." May 2010 be full of health, happiness, and contentment with (and in) your knitting!

Your "big project" this New Years is you. And yes, much of you is knitting, but much of you is spirit - or so I've gathered from avid blog reading. Take the next best step. And I love how Mel put it, "..change is a tradition in its own right."

I'd go for a "new" tradition: reduce the amount of WIPs! It will give you great satisfaction! THAT will be a great start of the new decade!

I have become a finisher and am enjoying the experience, something very new in my life as my friends and family could tell you! Right now I'm finishing a Noro striped scarf started last year, a pair of socks started....well, we won't go there....and a great cardigan that is a fairly recent WIP. I have great new yarn, but am determined not to cast on till everything else is done. In your case, I think you've answered your own question: as Laurie pointed out, you ARE a big WIP, so stick to finishing all those little things and amuse yourself by jumping from one to another. The big new sweater will be that much more enjoyable when you feel stronger and the cobwebs are gone!

Make a new tradition: to spend New Years day doing knitting that really pleases you.

Have a very happy new year.

Well, for me, keeping traditions can be a way to maintain balance even when it is work to do so--Xmas season is never right without the cookies, and setting up the collection of Santa toys feels like a chore for the first 3 minutes and then brings relief and pleasure. Of course you should do what feels right, but only you will know the answer to that one. One thing I might do in your situation is "reset" one of the barely-started projects, such as Beach Glass, as a new project. It's not far along, and instead of thinking of it as finishing a WIP, you could think of reseting your intention to finish it as the new beginning of the new year.

To paraphrase EZ, there are no knitting police and no tradition police either. Go with the option that will result with you feeling serene and at peace.

Seems to me you've got your answer in that life turned itself upside down this year and has made you go with the flow even more than you already were. Since it's all about the process, why not relax into that and let it be now? Maybe work on the one thing currently OTN that speaks the loudest to you and see how you feel come Thursday? (because if you're already feeling overwhelmed with so much OTN, then the only way out is through!!)

And after all, tradition ain't all it's cracked up to be ;)

Whatever feels right for Margene will be the right thing..you tend to always make the better choice..Happy New Year and Happy Knitting My Friend..Be well and safe~

How about if I do it for you? I'm actually not going to start Gytha until the 4th because we are going out of town for New Year's and I don't want to haul all that yarn, but I figure the 4th is close enough. If the tradition doesn't work for you one year, I would definitely recommend letting it go. Whatever you decide, Happy New Year!

I agree with bonny on this one. You have to do what feels right for you. A very happy and healthy New Year to you and yours.

I think you should start a new tradition this year: knit what feels right to me right now tradition!
It is the start of a new decade after all and is there a better time for the beginning of a new tradition?
I don't think so:)

I'm right there with you, Margene. Knitting Quandry. With a capital Q. After all those 2009 sweaters, what to do? I think I'm going to just try something new this year. . . and not plan. Just go with the flow.

I have faith in you and you will do what you feel you should/want to do. You don't need my two cents. Happy New Year, dearheart, no matter what you choose.

Oooh, I like what Elizabeth said, "reset your intention." I think before I take the new year on I am going to look over what I accomplished this past year, particularly knitting wise. And if you do, you will feel a great sense of accomplishment. You did 11 sweaters, I did one. I am so proud of that sweater. It fits my husband (size 54 sweater) beautifully in all its simplicity and grey yarny delight. I love knitting. My mind is full of all the possibilities but like you I have several projects on the needles that need to be completed. I have some great yarn for a Jared Flood hat and I am going to cast on for it on New Year's Day.

Happy New Year Margene!

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