The End

Looking Back

Following Vicki's lead I'm looking back at 2009 with a review. In words, the first sentence from the first post of each month, and pictures, a favorite blog photo from each month (not necessarily related to the other).

January: So many intentions went out the window the last couple of days.


February: A good book, nearly finished pair of mittens, and a pot of tea on Friday afternoon.


March: Winter is still with us, but February was warmer than normal and quite enjoyable.


April: You can see the music video here (it's funny).


May: One can only make excuses for so long and at some point it is impossible to keep from facing the music.


June: The weekend was busy and full of living. Every minute was pleasant, every minute was wonderful...even the mundane weekend chores.


  July: Friday night we were rained out of our evening at the Utah Arts Festival. 


August: As away of avoiding any knitting that had to do with a sweater, I spent quite a bit of time with Emmylou (my spinning wheel).


September: Thank you for the emails, comments and messages. Your good thoughts and prayers for coming week are very much appreciated.


October: Thank you for all your good vibes, healthy wishes and support.


November: As soon as the final clue of the Socktober Mystery Sock was published I finished up the toes of my pair.


December: I've got sunshine - On a cloudy day.


Onward to 2010!! Happy New Year, friends.


Happy New Year to you, dear friend! Thanks for the fun review... and so glad you are heading into another year, repaired and getting back to the best of health.

What a lovely post! Thank you for the beautiful images and words.

Best wishes for a healthy, happy 2010.

Happy New Year Margene! May you have a wonderful and happy 2010

Oh, I just love this idea for a recap of the whole year. I may have to do this as well.

A beautiful retrospective!
Wishing the best for you in the upcoming year~

Ooh, I love it, and I'm really wondering what the music video would be (how much fun would THAT be to create?) for my visit out there!!!! XO

Happy Happy Margene! Happy Ushering Out of 2009! Happy Welcoming of 2010! A new decade. So much hope and possibility for the year and years ahead. I'm so thankful that despite the difficulties over the past year, your health is better than ever. Best wishes for the greatest possible personal health and heappiness, my friend. :) XOXOXOXOX

A lovely review! Especially that October photo!
It's going to be a great year!!

Hugs to you! Happy New Year!

Enjoyed sharing the journey with you. Happy New Year!

A very happy New Year to you too. And thank you for a wonderfully inspiring year of blog posts.

Perfect, perfect, perfect! My wishes to you for a wonderful 2010 -- full of adventure, peace, challenge . . . and just the right amount of excitement.

What a great retrospective! Happy new year to you!

What a fun New Years post! Happy New Year!

The best part of 2010 so far is that you are here with me to see it.

Kicking ass and taking names in 2010, baby!

Happy New Year to you also, Margene!

This is the first time I've seen this type of retrospective, and I must say that it is really interesting. Thank you for sharing it with us, and have a very Happy New Year!

Hugs and best wishes for a smoother year. 2009 was a little too bumpy for all of us, I think...

margene, your photos, as always are lovely!
good health in 2010!

hugs to you - great post - fabulous photos.

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