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Looking Back

Following Vicki's lead I'm looking back at 2009 with a review. In words, the first sentence from the first post of each month, and pictures, a favorite blog photo from each month (not necessarily related to the other).

January: So many intentions went out the window the last couple of days.


February: A good book, nearly finished pair of mittens, and a pot of tea on Friday afternoon.


March: Winter is still with us, but February was warmer than normal and quite enjoyable.


April: You can see the music video here (it's funny).


May: One can only make excuses for so long and at some point it is impossible to keep from facing the music.


June: The weekend was busy and full of living. Every minute was pleasant, every minute was wonderful...even the mundane weekend chores.


  July: Friday night we were rained out of our evening at the Utah Arts Festival. 


August: As away of avoiding any knitting that had to do with a sweater, I spent quite a bit of time with Emmylou (my spinning wheel).


September: Thank you for the emails, comments and messages. Your good thoughts and prayers for coming week are very much appreciated.


October: Thank you for all your good vibes, healthy wishes and support.


November: As soon as the final clue of the Socktober Mystery Sock was published I finished up the toes of my pair.


December: I've got sunshine - On a cloudy day.


Onward to 2010!! Happy New Year, friends.


In the past it has been my tradition was to cast on for a big project New Years Day. This year I'm uncertain about starting anything new. With several projects still on the needles, and the desire to knit a few "small things" (after so many sweaters last year), it just doesn't seem right to start another project.


Beach GlassRav_linkredyarnball hasn't been touched in several weeks, and the deep blue Almeara Gloves would be the perfect compliment to Miss BB. I'd love to work on both, plus knit a cowl for the SnB swap coming up on the 12th.  Also, on my "to knit" list is WurmRav_linkredyarnball, a nice warm hat, a pair of socks (with Sarah's beautiful yarn), baby socks and a couple of small shawls. (whew)

I'm a bit sick of knitting sweaters. Even so, the next sweater project has been selected and will wait its place in the queue.  The next shawl is also in waiting. However, too many projects on the needles can create problems. Together they overwhelm me, tax my all ready confused brain, and cause paralysis of project. This quandary leaves more questions than answers, but does highlight the need to finish a thing or two.

Decisions, decisions, what to do! Stick with tradition and start a new, big wonderful project for 2010, or no? Count me befuddled.

I'm Going to Make It!


The knitting is complete (and buttons procured)! There should be sewing and finishing over the next couple of days.  Oh my, but it feels good to have 11 sweaters under my belt. There were moments of doubt, but determination carried me through and I can't wait to wear Miss BB.


You never know when your world will be turned upside down.  If there has been any lesson learned over the last 3 months, it was to get on the "ride", sit back, and go with the flow. I had no other choice and this "ride" has taken me to new places, brought many blessings into my life, and given me a chance to greet another New Year.  The journey has been amazing and knitting eleven sweaters this year (instead of 12) is perfectly fine.



This won't be the first blog you'll read that comments today is the shortest day of the year. The coldest days of winter are ahead, but from this day forward, minute by minute, the light will return.

Hanukkahcandlesonlastday Christmaslights

Each holiday celebrated this time of year, whether Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice or The New Year, the common thread is light. One of the best things this time of year are the lights and candles everywhere.

Yes I Can

And so, she knits! Yes, I do. Something happened over the weekend and it came as quite a surprise. The last couple of months knitting has been slow and only grown at a snails pace. Finishing Miss BB by years end felt insurmountable and I couldn't think of a way to bring back the knitting drive, the desire, or the ambition. Everything felt flat and I was knitting with no joy, no love of the process. I felt deserted by all Mojos.

While trying to understand my feelings, and decide the best approach (if any), I realize just how much I longed to wear Miss BB.  She is warm, soft and beautifully blue! The elegance of design, texture and fabric were coming together to create one gorgeous cardigan and, in addition, I couldn't (quite) abandon the desire to finish 11 sweaters (since I knew 12 was out of the question).


Saturday evening I picked up the collar-less (first) front of Miss BB and the air around me changed. Instead of struggling with mind and body (brain fog and heavy yarn), the joy of the process returned.

By the end of the evening the collar extension was nearly finished and first thing Sunday morning I picked it up again. The last few rows knit up quickly and immediately after I cast on the second front. Since then I've worked on it non-stop (with the occasional nod to the mitts) and I can see the end is in sight. One more sleeve and Miss BB and I will be dancing toward the finish line. The return of "the process" is such a good feeling and with it comes renewed joy.


Beaverslide yarn has been my favorite worsted for several years and I've knit four sweaters in a variety of colors and patterns. They are warm, wonderful sweaters and I love them all.  Maybe it's time to stash a little more.

Rare Event of Christmas Gift Knitting

One of the guy persons in my office has been very caring and generous the last couple months. Unfortunately for him, his office mates like the air conditioning on year round ( or they won't turn on the heat), which means his hands are often cold. A warm pair of fingerless gloves should be just the ticket.


The mitts are my default, easy, portable knitting and, despite only a few minutes here and there, they are growing quickly. When I grow tired knitting with the worsted weight yarn of Miss BB, the mitt is a nice distraction. Since I have never knit with Berroco Ultra Alpaca, I was pleasantly surprised to feel how cozy and soft it is. One gift per Christmas makes Holiday knitting stress-less.

The mitts and Miss BB will be my only projects until they are finished, which means there may not be anything new started until January.   My head is already filling with ideas for the new year and I've decided the beautiful yarn from Sarah will be socks!  Sock mojo tapped me on the shoulder the other day to remind he's been hanging around waiting.  We may celebrate New Years Eve together.

Peaceful Feeling


Tuesday at 5:30am I took a peek through the blinds and saw the patio covered with white sparkling snow.  More snow fell from above sprinkling like glitter; crystalline, dry and shimmering...Utah's perfect snow. I almost stepped out to feel the new snow on my face, but didn't want to mess up the pristine whiteness. Morning is the best time of the day with its peaceful quietude. 


This yarn reminds me of brown the earth (or bare trees branches) set off by the bright blue sky; a winter landscape devoid of snow. It is from Fiber Optica (local dyer, Sarah) and the colorway is actually named Thailand. I can't decide whether it should be a pair of socks (it is 3 ply after all) or a shoulder shawl.  I'd love either, so help me decide.  Which way should I go?


The white feathers of a magpie flash across my view and join the magpie convention in a nearby tree. Winter has arrived and the days are short and cold. There has been little snow accumulation in the mountains or valleys. Utah is in dire need of snow. It's not that I love snow, but it is disconcerting there has been so little. No snow, no water in summer.


Tuesday night, as I drove home from SnB, the full moon sat above the mountains. It highlighted the beauty of their peaks, cast long shadows and lifted my spirit. The next morning, as I drove to an early appointment, the moon was still high in the sky. Its light so bright the sky looked like a sunset.


The landscape is my solace as knitting hasn't fully drawn me in and may even be causing a bit of malaise. I also feel a little blasé about blogging, but I know it will pass. The doctors explained early on that the post-surgery roller coaster could be a rough ride. It has certainly been up and down emotionally. Posting may be sporadic until my voice fully returns. I'm taking it easy, learning to go with my body's flow, and working on building strength. Please don't worry.

Another Mystery

I've got sunshine
On a cloudy day.
When it's cold outside,
I've got the month of May.

Well, I guess you'll say
What can make me feel this way?
My sock. (My sock, my sock)
Talkin' 'bout my Sunset Mystery sock.


The color is bright and even a little shocking, but it chases away the dreariness of a winter's day. How can you not smile, sing, or laugh out loud when this color is on your feet?


After knitting and wearing many, many, many socks, I've become rather snobby about the yarn I use. It must hold its color, it shouldn't pill or shrink, and above all else, it must be durable. The Mystery Socks, both fabulous pair, have met my criteria. The first pair I used Kim's yarn, and this pair was knit with Judy's yarn.

This isn't the first time I've knit with either yarn so I knew they would wear and be beautiful for a long, long time. In 2008 I knit Thelonious Socks in Judy's yarn and the Mystery Sock with Kim's yarn. I love and wear both pair often. They feel good on the feet and in a year have shown very little wear. 

I've got so much honey
The bees envy me.
I've got a sweeter song
Than the birds in the trees.

Well, I guess you'll say
What can make me feel this way?
My sock. (My sock, my sock)
Talkin' 'bout my Sunset mystery sock.

Yarn: Ball and Skein – Sunset
Pattern: Mystery Sock 2009Rav_linkredyarnball by Through the Loops
Time to knit: Oct 13, 2009 – November 27, 2009
Raveled Here