I'm Going to Make It!


The knitting is complete (and buttons procured)! There should be sewing and finishing over the next couple of days.  Oh my, but it feels good to have 11 sweaters under my belt. There were moments of doubt, but determination carried me through and I can't wait to wear Miss BB.


You never know when your world will be turned upside down.  If there has been any lesson learned over the last 3 months, it was to get on the "ride", sit back, and go with the flow. I had no other choice and this "ride" has taken me to new places, brought many blessings into my life, and given me a chance to greet another New Year.  The journey has been amazing and knitting eleven sweaters this year (instead of 12) is perfectly fine.


I think you knit more than a sweater during your surgery sojourn. It's all in the equivalencies. You did a stunning job through it all. Eleven! My stars.

Well said! Beautiful sweater.

I agree -- you've done a lot of "knitting" this year, and it surely counts!

It's amazing what you've accomplished! All that knitting and a re-grown heart, too! You have done a lot this year and you're so right - we never know what's around the corner. Here's hoping it's ALL GOOD.

Miss BB is a fab finish for the year. I love the color and the sweater. It will look terrific on you!!! It's so hard to just sit back and go for the ride. Especially, when it feels like it's taking so darned long!

I'm so glad that you are feeling good as you finish this sweater.


Way to go!

Oh, Margene! I love the sweater! The mix of patterns and textures is wonderful -- and that color? Well. It looks just like your Utah sky. I think this will be a "power sweater" for you -- and that every time you wear it, you will feel it's power.

Woo Hoo! Wishing you all the best in 2010 and as many sweaters as you desire to knit. (be it 12 or otherwise...) !! thea

Here's hoping that 2010 is a WEE bit less exciting than 2009, mmm? :)

Yes indeedy, eleven sweaters is just fine. And all beautiful.

So glad you are still with us to tell us you have finished your 11th sweater!!

Wishing you health and happiness in 2010! Eleven sweaters is quite an accomplishment!

ELEVEN..nothing to be ashamed of..
Glad your 'seatbelt of life' was fastened tightly,, grateful for all those friends and DRS. that took such good care of you..and mainly your discipline and positive thoughts that has gotten you all healed and back on track. Take extra good care of yourself in 2010..

Here's hoping your world stays right-side-up for a long, long time!

Go you! Eleven sweaters is eleven more than I completed in 2009!

And all is as it should be. Happy New Year!

You are such an inspiration, Margene!

It truly is amazing that you were able to complete 11 sweaters inspite of your roller coaster year. Here's to enjoying a New Year and all the good things it will bring. :) xoxo

"Perfectly fine" is the understatement of 2009! Happy New Year!

A job very well done Margene, WTG :)

Amen! Happy New Year to you and Smith!

Besides being sidelined by the surgery, you did lots of other knitting besides the sweaters. It's definitely "Perfectly Fine".

Yay for Margene and her 11 sweaters of lovliness! I'm happier you're feeling better than for knitting 11 sweaters. Are you going to knit 12 of something for the aught ten year?

Finishing Miss BB is a fitting finale to your year of sweaters! You'll be stylishly warm this winter!

I'm curious about something: given that your knitting philosophy is to enjoy the process, what do you think about process vs. product after this year in which production was more of a focus for you? Did you enjoy knitting the sweaters as much as you would have if you hadn't felt the pressure of trying to meet the twelve sweaters in twelve months goal?

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