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She Came to Stay

Please allow me to introduce Corina. She came to stay awhile ago and, sadly, she has been ignored. She's been a part of my spinning dream for a couple of years and now she's here, living with me.  I feel so fortunate to have this gorgeous wheel in my life. 


Practicepraticepratice She's a 40th Anniversary edition Cherry Matchless from Schacht and she can spin.  Susan was here a couple of weeks ago to make sure Corina worked smoothly and was properly adjusted. However, it wasn't until yesterday morning I sat and gave her her due.  We worked hard to get to know each other and at times the road was bumpy.  It was love and perseverance that pulled us through, and after spinning an easy white merino for what seemed like a minute (and was actually over an hour), everything clicked.

It became clear to both of us that color would be better and I grab something nearby...a bump of Spinderella's Thrums in a wonderful purple.


Our first bobbin (in living color) is looking pretty good and we plan on living a long and happy life together.

Don't worry about Emmylou (my Lendrum). She's here, doing well, and she had a little attention this weekend, too.  This first bobbin was spun over the last couple of weeks and we're well on our way with a second.


It's quite wonderful to have two beautiful grrls in my life.


Sweet! Love that cherry. You will soon love her smoothness and versatility.

Oh, congratulations and wishes for a long and happy friendship together! I love my Matchless - we spend every evening together.

What a beautiful wheel! I'm just so jealous!

Congrats on your new beautiful wheel. And, the spinning looks wonderful. What a great way to spend a weekend!!!!!

Beautiful. Wishing you many happy hours together.

She's beautiful! Congratulations. One of her sisters is in my spinning dream. Hopefully someday. . .

What a terrific way to spend a weekend!

Wow! Cool! What fun you'll have together!

Oh, gorgeous colors!

Lovely! Congrats on your new addition!!

Woo Hoo! Congratulations! How do you like her on Double Drive? I still have mine on Scotch Tension.

NICE! It's a beautiful wheel!

You deserve something new and fun to play with. You've gone through a lot recently, so enjoy! The purple yarn is beautiful.

Such a pretty wheel. Enjoy!

Lovely wheel and spinning!

Lynn's thrums always come in handy. I'm never without a bump.

What a lovely wheel!

I've just started getting to know my girl as well. Beautiful fibers on your grrls!!

Enjoy! She's gorgeous!

I had no idea! She's gorgeous and congratulations. I love my Matchless and honestly hardly spin on my other wheels at all these days. Enjoy!
P.S. I waved to you as we flew over Utah yesterday. Did you see me?

Love cherry - she's beautiful. Enjoy!

I actually got to meet Corina before you did during a little foray to Three Wishes. Tater even gave her a little love. She's gorgeous. Lucky you.

Corina is gorgeous. Congrats on the new wheel. May you spin well together for many years to come.

She is beautiful! I know you will be making wonderful music/yarn together.

Wonderful to see you two together at last!

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