The Learning Process (Never Ends)


What a wonderful, moody shot of the mountain. Congrats on a great picture.


I get cold just looking at that picture!

Sounds like perfect weather for curling up in a chair with a hot drink and some knitting.

I miss those mountains.


Lovely picture!

But, what a beautiful picture. And, this winter you'll be warm. er.

It's time to get cozy. Good thing you have all those sweaters you knitted.

Does it help that it's so pretty, even if it's cold?!

Breathtaking! I love the light sneaking in (out?) behind the peaks. My favorite colors. . .


Simply, starkly beautiful!

It's beautiful. I wish I had a mountain to look at.

I want snow!

We woke up to a dusting this morning as well. A local station is already playing Christmas music 24/7. Winter is here and looking lovely.

I immediately thought, when I saw the photo, "that's a chilly scene!"
Stay warm, hon,

I see that you are reading Helene Cooper. She is so funny. Interesting and painful history in that country. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf's autobiography "This Child Will Be Great" was a good follow-up book. I am so glad that you are doing well.

They've gotten snow inland and up north, but we have yet to see any here.

I love the range of blues in the photo. Very lovely.

Wonderful, atmospheric photo, but it *does* look cold - stay warm!

I'll trade you 20 degrees of our warmth for some of your snow..too bad we can't work those deals, huh?
Stay safe and warm.

That beautiful photo makes me want to put on the tea kettle.


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