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Maybe adding one more project to my already long list of WIPs wasn't the right thing to do. However, for the last two years I have successful completed NaKniSweMoRav_linkredyarnball, which runs through November, and wanted to give it another go. Doing so meant jumping into something I rarely do--starting a new sweater with one already on the needles.

Another reason for knitting a second sweater was my growing bad attitude about Pas de Valse. My love of the process was slipping and I needed to figure out how to put it back on track. The difficultly was in my lack of vision, the inability to see the end of knitting sleeves in the round. If I couldn't find the right method for sleeve knitting the process would fail me.


When I posted about the disastrous methods already used many of you suggested 2 circs. The method had never crossed my mind and I thank you for bringing it to my attention! Two circs has been working very well and knitting the sleeves is now much easier, the process no longer arduous. However, my attitude hasn't completely improved and knitting the sleeves feels like a drag.(Poor me.)

In order to keep on track with Pas de Valse I had to make a deal with myself…if I worked on the sleeves while at SnB (twice a week) I could cast on for Miss BB. The sleeves in the round aren't quite as daunting while visiting with friends and the process has been much more enjoyable. Thus, with the advent of Miss BB the attitude has taken an upward direction.


The minute Miss BB came onto the fashion scene I knew it would be perfect for the Glacier Blue Beaverslide calling from the stash. I also knew it would be a great project for NaKniSweMo and for sweater #12 of NaKniSweMoDO09Rav_linkredyarnball.  November 1st I cast on and quickly knit through the first couple of inches.  It's going to be a great sweater and I love the yarns beautiful blue fabric. 

It's quite possible both sweaters will be completed by months end. If not, December will be used for any clean up. The goal is within sight!


So you've almost completed your 12 sweaters in spite of everything! Amazing!
That Miss BB looks so comfortable. I am going to add it to my faves on Ravelry right away.

You are to be congratulated! Twelve sweaters this year even with all you've been through. You are my knitting hero!

Miss BB is a great design and will look fantastic on you. I am so impressed that you have managed to complete all these sweaters!

In the midst of it dozen! Hooray for you! (Oh, and Happy Fri!)

I've got Miss BB on the needles. Am fairly certain that I won't have enough of the hand dyed yarn to make the sleeves long enough for my gorilla arms. Am thinking that she may become a sleeved vest, short sleeved cardi. Love the pattern so will probably make it again the right way.

Miss BB is looking great! And that color -- swoon. That's fantastic that you are on target for the goal!

The colors and the sweaters will look terrific on you, girl. I think you'll adore the look of Pas de Valse when you have finished on sleeve island. But, I am completely partial to Miss BB in that glorious blue.

Love the Miss BB. I always use the two circs for my sleeves. Love, love, love this method. Glad you found something that worked for you.

Ohh....that is a lovely pattern! I hadn't seen it before, and now I might need to add it to my own queue.

As I was reading of your disenchantment I thought about suggesting the sleeve knitting as a "take-along" project. You've already done that - huzzzah!

Now Miss BB can make your evenings happy, and reaching your goal so sweet. We're cheering for you!

Oh, oh! Miss BB, I've got my eye on her too. Even though the yarn choice is supposed to be Aran weight, I'm not positive I can get gauge with my Magpie Tweed, which was my hoped-for yarn choice. But before I can get to that, I've got a couple other things to do, heh.

Beautiful new project.

I like Miss BB, and *love* the color!

I expect to see great progress by the next time I'm at SnB!

Congratualtions on making it so far in the SweMoDo! There is something I really like about MissBB - I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Go Margene! That was quite a challenge and I hope all the participants do a collage of all twelve (or more if you are Cheryl and Susan) sweaters at the end of the year.

Hey, whatever works to get around the bad attitude, right?! :)

You can't be blue when you knit blue.

Miss BB is a lovely pattern - it'll look great on you!

Ooh, I LIKE Miss BB! I think you made a wise choice switching to two circs; I use that method for far more than sock knitting these days.

This is impressive. You'll actually finish ahead of time. Wow!

Knit one for me, too, okies? ;^)

I am so proud of you. All that medical excitement and you're still going to have 12 sweaters done. You rock!

Wow! Completely in awe of you! I second our Cookie.

Aaah...Beaverslide:) Can never go wrong with Beaverslide!

I surely cannot wait to see what the GLacier Blue produces!

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