She Came to Stay

Lovin' The Blues


The perfect accompaniment to knitting Miss BB has been Lady Day and Ella Fitzgerald. I'm not singing the blues over this sweater, but the warm and rich tones of Billy and Ella enhance the way I feel. I love this sweater. The fabric, created by the color and pattern, sing to my soul. I'm completely crazy over this sweater and to prove it I gave her my undivided attention all weekend. When you're in love you can justify anything and I talked myself into monogamy of project by telling myself I deserved to knit what I wanted to knit. The blues are making me happy.


The stitch detail is nicely planned and is completely fun to knit. Bonne Marie writes her patterns well and I've only had one moment of incomprehension…totally my fault (or the surgeries fault). A good nights sleep and reading the pattern with a fresh brain gave me that "aha" moment. The little brain burps are happening less often. I'm in hope full power will be restored soon and that makes me happy.


In any case, the pattern has been easy to memorize and, after quickly moving through the body, it is now time for the armscye decreases. Bonne Marie attention to detail and her pattern writing skills, make easy, enjoyable knitting. One of my pet peeves is when a designer has you cast on a row and then starts the pattern immediately. The cast on row (for long tail cast on, which is the most common) is the wrong side of the fabric. It's easy to see the purl bumps and unless the designer, or the knitter, pays attention to this detail the bottom edge isn't smooth and doesn't look finished. Bonne Marie pays attention to this detail and her designs have a nicely finished edge, a knit edge.  The perfect little edging on my sweater makes me happy.

I'm enjoying the blues, but not singing them. Miss BB is a dream come true.


Lovely blue!

Yes, you definitely have earned the right to knit what pleases you.


And you do 'Sing The Blues' nicely!..great project to keep you 'smilin and singin'...Happy Knitting~

It's nice when a designer does that. I learned a purl long tail cast on for when they don't. There are videos available, and it's easy.

You convey such brilliant enthusiasm! Those are the Blues we all should be singing.

Lovely, lovely color. I'm so happy to see you back in the saddle again. : )


I do love Bonne Marie's patterns. I'm knitting Twist now and loving her attention to detail as well.

Beautiful blues!

That is gorgeous. I bet it is fun to knit, too. So interesting and the texture is so neat!! You are motoring on this, Margene.

Oh, I do love it when a project sings! :-) I've been eyeing this pattern myself. . . and your beautiful version is making me eager to take the plunge.

A lovely blue that coordinates ever so well with your blog coloring. :)

That is going to be a gorgeous blue on you. Glad that you're working on a project that is "zen" for you.

Such a pretty shade of blue....reminds me of your lovely blue Utah sky.

Love BB and the blue, too!


Love your sweater and your choice of music, that detail with the CO always annoys me! I usually just make it so the right edge is out no matter what the pattern says.

Ohhh, this one is going to be a STUNNER, and you have flown with her.

Let's all say that to ourselves: we deserve to knit what we want to knit.

Interesting fact about long tail cast on. I usually use cable cast on because I don't like having to measure out the right amount of yarn for long tail (which usually ends up being the wrong amount of yarn--either too much or too little), but still a nice bit of knowledge to file away.

That blue is gorgeous.

It's funny how the cast-on detail is ritually left out of patterns. It's a lot like shaping - patterns say "Decrease after 3 inches," but they don't tell you that you should know what row you are on so that you can decrease at the exact same place on the corresponding piece. Also, selvedge stitches are rarely mentioned (if you use them - I usually don't). Once you are no longer a beginner you take it for granted that you have to incorporate these things into any pattern you knit, but when you are starting out they make following a pattern really frustrating. When I design, however, I am reluctant to include the bit about that first WS row because the convention is to have RS rows be odd and WS rows be even, and I'm afraid that people will get confused about the rows. Additionally, that is an instruction that most publishers will omit from your pattern to save space even if you do include it. One of the great advantages of self-publishing is that you have so much control over your content. Bonne Marie seems to self-publish almost exclusively (or maybe now it is exclusively), so she has an established, well-tested formula for her patterns. It's been a while since I knit a piece of hers, but the patterns I have knit were extremely well-written. She has a lot of discipline, and it shows in the huge following she has. Enjoy your blues - they're gorgeous. Oh, and throw in some Nina Simone - she's my favorite.

How lovely.

It'll be a stunner when done! Love, love that blue.

Beautiful, Margene! The color and the pattern seem to mesh perfectly. I, too, love Bonne Marie's patterns. She is a designer who really understands that the knitter is not sitting in her head seeing what she is thinking. It really helps a lot and makes the knitting ever so pleasant. I'm also glad that the brain burps are leaving.


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