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There are many reasons why I'm thankful I can knit. Knitting gives me endless hours of entertainment, has brought many friends into my life, and what it produces keeps me warm. Spending days and days recuperating might well have made me crazy if knitting hadn't been my constant companion.


There are many reasons why I love the Internet. The top of the list would be friends. It's doubtful I would have crossed paths with many of the locals who have become BBFs. How on earth would I have ever met the friends who live across the county (or the world)? Fortunately, many of us have met face to face and the friendships have grown over years of blogging, emails and meet ups.


There are many reasons why I love living in Utah. The beauty of the mountains and the view I see everyday. Within minutes of leaving the house, we can be engulfed by the amazing canyons. I am grateful that Silver Lake is so near (20 minute) and I'm alive to walk around the boardwalk. At this point it will be next spring before it's cleared of snow, but I'll be one of the first to do so after the snow has melted.



You are absolutely right. It is best to look at everything we have to be grateful for in our lives, which certainly includes the 3 K's: Knitting, Knitting friends and Knature.

I love your thankfulness post. We are truly blessed, aren't we? And, a big thanks from my end? Your amazing wonderful recovery.

There are many ways to begin the day, but gratitude has to be the best. Have a wonderful Thursday!

You said it all too well!!
It's easy to forget all the positives we have in our lives..
Happy Thursday Margene!

Oh, yes. Good post! Great final picture!

...and we are very thankful for you. :)

There is so much to be thankful for in life! Thanks for sharing your life with us. :-)

All wonderful things to be thankful for and all so true! I am so thankful you are my friend.

Nice one, Margene.

Lovely post, great things to be grateful for, but you know what - as gorgeous as your Utah photos are? That photo in the middle - with all the gals? THAT's the best!
I'm very glad to call you friend, too!

A very nice - and important post, thank you! It's important to be aware of all we have to be grateful for - every day. Easy to forget that sometimes. Utah looks so beautiful. Have a nice day!

Lovely post, Margene!

Great pictures and post!Happy Thursday!

love the silver lake photo! we were just there this past weekend and got some great photos. the path was only covered back in the woods but it looks like it'll snow this weekend.
gratitude rocks!

lovely gratitude post.
Every moment you refer to, ever so special.
great photos too, dear M.

Oh, I love that picture -- how fun! Looking forward to the next time :-)

Gorgeous! And we're all thankful for you. :)

I'm grateful that you write about it all and take those stunning photos. Someday I want to see those mountains.

Amen sistah! Very grateful to call you friend. :-)

Amen and hallelujah.

Such beautiful sentiments! Here's to more meet-ups in the near future:)

*mwah* It goes the other direction, too. So happy you are you.

Wonderful list! Utah is gorgeous.

Fun to see those familiar, friendly faces!!

Thank you for the reminder! We've had a fairly stressful week, and your post made my day!

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