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As soon as the big ol' Noro sweatshirt was finished I turned my attention to Pas de Valse. With the crochet around the edges finished (which took half a day) and the sweater blocked, it was time to start the sleeves. I tried Magic Loop, but the yarn was too soft, the cords too wiry and the process totally frustrating. This sweater has been a challenge for my post-surgery brain and some of the instructions strike fear into my heart…like Kitchenering the back neck.

I am a scaredy cat when it comes to Kitchener stitch. A sock toe I can do, but when it involves 50 stitches or more, Kitchenering stops me cold. Last week, while working on feeling grown up and trying to stop the lollygagging, I made a goal to finish the shoulder seams and Kitchener the collar. I am, in addition to being a scaredy cat, an accomplished knitter, and I need to act like one.


After referring to Susan's marvelous tutorial (and printing out a copy), I settle down to "just do it". Of course, there had to be a couple of false starts, but once the brain and rhythm kicked in, I was off and Kitchenering! Not only did I finish all 50 stitches without much trouble, I did the whole thing nearly perfectly! This doesn't mean I won't have trouble next time around, however.


So the sweater body and neck are finished and I'm trying to decide which way would be best to knit the sleeves….a 12" circular (which may drive me battier than the Magic Loop) or DPNs.

My dear friend Birdsong is having a contest. Her first grandchild was born recently and she feels like it was a life changing event.  In celebration she'd like to hear about any life changing event you'd like to share.  Her contest ends on November 6th so you have a full week.  Good luck!


If I were there, I woulda helped. I actually have started to like the kitchener thing. (It kicked my a** then I kicked its a**.)

Good for you, I knew you could do it! I love the color, too.

When the going gets tough, I pull out the 'ol reliable DPNs. If it ain't broke.... So happy to read the sweater knitting continues! Enjoy your weekend!!

It sounds like the decision has made itself. Save your sanity and use DPNs.

Whenever I can, I knit both sleeves at once on two circs - as I always do my socks. I just seem to have a lot of trouble with knitting a second identical to something I have just knit - where's the fun in that!

I am glad you are recovering well from your surgery - and remember that sometimes lollygagging about is just what our body and soul might need.

I feel the same about Kitchener-nervous before starting but relieved and proud when done.

Beautiful job! It looks like such a cozy, soft sweater. Can't wait to see it finished. I always get a little freaked out by Kitchener-ing, too. But the "how it works" part is So Cool, isn't it?

Good for you, triumphing over the sweater!

Hmm, maybe you should just get a different circular with a slinkier cable? Or try using two circs?

I'm so proud. You put on your "Big Girl Knitting Pants" and did it. The force is strong in you;-D Happy Friday, grrlfriend!

I can handle the kitchener on a sock, but more than that, I haven't tackled yet. Thanks for giving me some confidence when the time comes!

Instead of Magic Loop or a short circular, why don't you try two circs...that way there is no stretching of stitches and it certainly isn't hard on your hands...

Good for you, Margene!! Gorgeous -- I love that color...

When grafting a large number of stitches, I like to put markers in every 10 stitches or so. It helps ensure I stay on track, and you know right away just when you've messed up.

I do my sleeves on 2 circs. I also pick up from the armhole and work downward. No sewing, no setting in sleeves. Easy peasy and beyond mindless.

I still have a Kitchener anxiety attack every time I do it, and need to pull up the video every time, even for a little toe, but I have proved to myself that I CAN DO IT. Cripes, way back in the day, WAY BACK when I was really TRULY a neophyte knitter, I freakin' Kitchenered the Rogue hood, and I did a darn good job of it, too. How I survived that incident without a heart attack, I'll never know.

It took me FOREVER to learn to Kitchner! Until I took a class with Lucy Neatby, I couldn't figure it out at all....despite the help of several people in the guild.

So congrats on successfully finishing that big area of Kitchner! My hat's off to you!

I agree with everyone who said two circs. When I do a sleeve that won't cooperate with Magic Loop, I use two circs in different styles - and addi lace and a regular addi usually - and that way I'm always grabbing the correct color needle.
Lovely Kitchenering, I once did over 200 stitches. It only took 4 hours.

Kitchener finally clicked with stockinette. I have a tough time with anything else! Personally, I'd do dpn's (bamboo or even wood) as I am 2-circ challenged, but that yarn might be too slippery.

Yay for you! You conquered the Kitchener. Good luck with the sleeves, however you end up doing them.

The cardigan looks so elegant! Have a great weekend :)

Good for you! It looks great. I'd magic loop the sleeves but I know it's kind of fiddly to some people.

So pretty and the color is fabulous for you!

I'm with you on Kitchener and that's why I make all my socks with drawstring toes!

good for you! I've done the kitchner stitch across the center of some big shawls, and I know just what you mean.
I'd go for dpns on the sleeves - just pretend its a really big sock.. (heh heh)

I've kitchenered so many sock toes that I could practically do it in my sleep. But that bit about "as if to knit" and "as if to purl" never worked for me. Probably because I know how to sew and I don't connect using a needle that has an eye with knitting and purling. So I have to think about each stitch as "down from outside" and "up from the inside".

In addition, I'm left handed, so I work from left to right. Susan's tutorial is great for righties, but perhaps I should make one for lefties! :)

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