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All About Margene - First Question

While The Cat's Away

I saw Margene yesterday (Saturday) and she's looking great.  She's out of ICU already!  When I got there, the nurses had her sprinting walking down the hospital hallway.  Amazing. 

Cheryl and I thought you might need some entertainment while Margene is on the mend, so we're having a week-long contest to keep you occupied until she can take the blog back.  And since the world is "all about Margene," we thought the contest should also be "All About Margene."

Every day I'll post a question about Margene, the answer to which can be found somewhere in the bowels of this blog.  Leave a comment with the answer to the question.  At the end of the week, the person who gets all five answers correct will win a yet-to-be-determined prize.  If more than one person gets all five right, we'll have a raffle to determine the winner.  And don't forget, Margene will be watching so be creative with your comments!

Here's the strategy, though.  If you know the answer and post it to the comments quickly, you reduce your chances of winning because everyone who comes after you will see the answer.  Every night before I power down my computer (usually between 9:00-11:00 Mountain Time), I intend to close the comments.  So the strategy is to leave your answer as close to that time as possible but, of course, before I close the comments. 

Oh, and keep in mind---I am highly unreliable! 

See you tomorrow with the first question!



Thank you for the update, Susan! I'm so glad to read that the recovery is going well.

So glad to hear she's already out of ICU, but I'm really not surprised. :-) Bring on the contest!

Thank you for the update Susan! I am so glad she is out of the ICU and walking already.

Your contest idea with the strategy tip sounds just like our Margene cup of tea :)

Glad to hear Margene is on the mend.
If you pass on all our hugs and good wishes, she'll be home before you're done...

That is such awesome progress for Margene! So glad you are posting updates on her condition. Please give her a gentle hug and kiss for me - she is foremost in my thoughts and prayers.

So happy to hear Margene is up and walking. Sounds like she is really doing well.

Keep it up Margene.
Big XOXOOXOXOXOs and lots of Love and Prayers!

I'm so glad Margene's okay. I've been thinking of her.

You are sooo sneaky! That will definitely keep Margene entertained and on the mend.

What wonderful news! Thank you for keeping us posted. I'm sure the nurses will keep our Margene on the move while she's recovering.

Highly unreliable? Sounds like it will be an interesting week around here.


Thank you for the update! The contest sounds hysterical, and I'm looking forward to reading the creative answers!

Diabolical! Keep getting well, Margene-- what great friends you have!

yay, Margene! Can she knit yet?

So good to hear ~ Hugs to Margene.
What a fun idea!

Oh, sneaky bunch, you are. What a fun way to entertain the blog and the recuperating blogger.

Hi Margene! Finding lots of Margene love on the internets!

Well, I've ruined the question about the underwear -- that is, for the people who read my blog. I'll be watching, but trying to power myself down at your late hour will not work -- I have early classes --.... although, not this week except Friday, now that I'm thinking about it. So I could still be in the running!!!

Continued healing to Margene and thank you for keeping us posted.

Susan and Cheryl, I love you guys for diligently updating us!! SO glad to hear of Margene's sure and steady recovery. The contest sounds FUN!

You can't keep a good Margene down. Yay, Margene!

I bet she is very, very happy to be out of ICU! I am too. Go Margene!

heh - cute idea for a contest!!
Margene is such a fabulously good sport, we should have some fun with this ;-)
It's so wonderful that she's healing - and moving about already. hurrah!

Thanks for the Margene update. She's a feisty one and I bet she's giving those nurses a run for their money.

Glad to hear that Margene is doing so well! Thanks for the update.

I love the game and love that Margene is doing so well- keep it up
She had a Honda for over 10 years and her plates read NDLEPNT

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