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Post-Surgery Wooletin

Hi fellow Zeneedle devotees.

I just received a call from Cheryl.  Margene's surgery went off without a hitch.  Yay!  Margene is currently recovering in a lovely room with a view in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit.  By the end of the weekend she'll be transferred to a private room in the main hospital and should be home some time next week.

Although Margene can't respond to comments and emails, I'll be visiting her next week and will bring my laptop to the hospital so she can read your well-wishes. 

Thanks for keeping Margene in your thoughts and prayers. 


And hooray for fully functioning hearts!



Thanks for posting this, Susan. I'm so relieved! And hooray!

So glad to hear this. Hooray, indeed!

Hooray! I'm so glad to hear it went well!!!
Here's wishing you a speedy recovery Margene!

Tell her all my best wishes ans she should get better soon :)

Glad to hear all went well. Speedy recovery!


Yay!!! Thanks for the great update, Susan. Thinking of Margene and sending healing vibes westward!

Yea!!! A room with a view and moving to a private room. :)

Thank you for keeping us posted.

Here are good wishes being sent to you for a speedy recovery.

Thanks Susan and Cheryl for the update...may the rest of the weekend be without hitches or pain...take good care of Margene and Smith for all of us...

Whew good to get that over with ! - now onto a speedy recovery - sending strength, patience, and good wishes on the wings of Canada Geese journeying south.

Get well soon Margene. Hospitals are no place to be when you are well enough to not feel well.

Whew! And HOORAY! Here's to our Margene!

Thanks for the update. Get weel soon.

Thanks Susan for keeping us informed. Please let me know if there is anything at all that her little (repaired) heart desires.

Thank you so much for the update. I am continuing to pray and keep positive thoughts.


All the best Margene - the knitting will be ready for you when you are ready!

Wishing you a speedy recovery Margene!

Yay for everything going well!

I'm surprised you didn't hear the huge sigh of relief coming from the east coast when the news popped up on Facebook a few minutes ago! Great news...send her my best. Smith, too!

Glad it went well and now on to the speedy healing!!!!

Thank you for the update!
Yay! Margene! loads of love!

So glad the surgery went well. Praying for the recovery process!

So glad to check in and see the good news, feel better and rest!!!

Thanks so much for the update. So glad to hear all is well. Wishing you peaceful healing, plenty of rest, and a smooth recovery. Nothing like a well-functioning organ, I always say! ;-)

To a speedy recovery.

Thank you for keeping us in the loop, Susan! And Margene, get well soon- I've been living vicariously through your sweaters, and I miss the inspiration (and pretty sky pictures) coming from the blog!

Here's to a speedy recovery!

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