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The first few days at home were rough, but everyday since has been better than the last. I'm walking over a mile a day (almost 2 miles), but spending most of my time napping, knitting, or visiting with friends.  Our bodies are very resilient and mine amazes me daily. 

The one thing I must do is acknowledge the team of doctors, nurses, CNAs, along with the hospital, IMC that made it possible for me to go on.  (The IMC link has pictures and info on the campus.)  I am very fortunate that this facility is 4.4 miles from my house (Smith's checked the mileage as he was back and forth frequently) and that it houses a fabulous team of cardio specialist.

The man on the right is one of my favorite people in the world.  He is Dr. Doty, a very skilled heart surgeon, all around great doctor and man.  He would show up, unexpectedly, at all my tests or procedures (as long as he wasn't in surgery). He is kind, gentle and very caring.  On the left is Dr. Shane, one member of the large team of PAs (most of whom I met) who monitored my care and progress.  Both men came to see me the afternoon of my release and stayed to visit for several minutes.  Dr. Doty even signed the pillow, seen in the picture below, above the valve he replaced.



Torg was the only CNA who washed my hair and bathed me while I was flat in bed. He rigged an ingenious way of making a shower head out of a glove finger so he could wet my hair, then wash and rinse it.  He also created a dam of sorts that went directly into a waste basket and kept the water out of my bed.  He wore bunnies or fairies on his scrubs and his shoes never matched (crocks: one salmon, one green).  He made me laugh often and was as gentle as anyone I've ever met.  Every nurse who cared for me was gentle, knowledgeable, caring and always walked in with a smile.

Knitting has been accomplished and one project, in particular, I am very, very excited to share.  I'll be back soon.


I'm glad to know you were cared for so well, and that you are continuing to heal and get stronger. You are still in my thoughts and prayers.


From the other side of the world I couldn't see what was wrong with you, except that it was something serious. Now, I am beginning to understand. I am glad that they cared so well for you at the hospital. And very glad that you are able to enjoy knitting and even the outdoors again now and then.

That's taken me back a few years, the first thing I did when I escaped from my five day hospital stay was wash my hair, it makes you feel so bad when you can feel it's nasty but are powerless to do anything about it. The ability to wash yourself is one of those things that you take for granted every day until it's taken away from you.

Napping is a good thing, keep it up.

Do send a copy of this post (or a letter of similar content) to the hospital. Their employees deserve the recognition. Glad you got such fine care!

I am so glad you had such wonderful people caring for you. Knowing you, though, I'm sure it was a pleasure for them.

I am grateful for your good care. You sound better, stronger and sassier each time you post;-D YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How wonderful to see such a great team acknowledged - and how wonderful that you are doing so much better!

They sound like wonderful people. We are always hearing about what's wrong with our health care system -- great to hear what's right!! You are sounding reated and on the mend -- fantastic!!

Wonderful people who were also lucky to meet you! xo

I'm glad you had such great caregivers!

What a blessing to have such a team. It's also great to hear about the balance between walks and naps. Continued prayers coming your way.

They'll be on your Christmas card list for sure! lol Many blessings they have brought to you and Smith and to us. An excellent Monday to you!

I'm very glad to hear that your hospital experience was so positive because of the people who cared for you! That makes all of the difference in the world!

Glad to hear you growing stronger every day.

That is some amazing medical center! Glad you had such wonderful care....that helps. When Terry had the by-pass at Yale, they were great in the Cardiac ICU, but not so hot on the regular floor. Fortunately, our local hospital now has a cardiac center (and has enticed some of the better surgeons from Yale!) and very good nursing care. Torg sounds like a real blessing!

How wonderful that your local hospital has such a good cardiac team! Kind and caring staff help make a hospital stay a little better....I'm glad you had such good and kind people caring for you!

I am so excited that you can walk a mile a day!

I think I love your CNA. :D The doctor and PA sound wonderful too. I'm glad you had a team that worked well for you.

Boy do they look like little boys! I must be getting old!

How wonderful to know that you were in such good hands. Of course, they might have heard about how many crazed knitting friend you had who they should not anger... I love that everyone came in with a smile. That's a pretty good life lesson to remember - always smile when you see someone. : D So glad you're home.

It's great to know that you were so well cared for! It sounds like you're progressing at lightning speed! May it continue. I think of you every day.

Lovely team you got yourself there, you are lucky to have such good care and so close to home too.

Happy to hear you are walking and walking, it is very healthy for you :)

I'm so glad that you had the very best of care and that you are making such amazing progress. Hugs to Smith for his TLC and constant attention.

I was really impressed at how great everyone was at the hospital. Dr. Doty was awesome, and Torg was so funny! (He did a great job on your hair, too!)

It's pretty amazing, isn't it?! I am so grateful that we live in this time when such a repair can be made... you have been given a well-deserved extension on the quality of life and I can tell you are working hard to make the most of it!

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