Breaking Up
Post-Surgery Wooletin


Love you. Prayers and fast healing thoughts continue your way.

Thinking only good thoughts for you- take care and be brave-

thinking of you, margene.

Will be watching for your return. Hope everything goes well.

Positive, healing thoughts coming your way. Take care!

When I spoke to son Thomas yesterday, he said to send you his thoughts and prayers, too. You know Terry and I will be praying for good things on Wednesday and a speedy recovery! Hugs and love to you both.

Don't worry . . . 'bout a thing. You know I love ya more than my luggage.


I knew/ know things will work out the moment I heard you were firing doctors. :D

What a perfect song for you on this weekend! Many hugs to see you thru surgery on Wednesday and many prayers for a fast recovery!


I'm sorry you are not feeling well and I hope things go well for you!

Thinking of you... XOX!

From Mom and me -- Xoxo!

Thinking of you and hope everything goes well.

Sending good thoughts and a cyberhug.

*hugs* I will definitely be thinking about you and sending plenty of healing thoughts your way!

I'll be thinking of you in the next few weeks, you'll be in my prayers.


More healing thoughts heading your way! Do not worry about us; we just want to know that you'll be better soon.

Take care, and take as much time as you need to heal yourself.

I'm just thinking of bringing you a (gluten-free, of course) hot dish (and green jello, too) at the end of next week. I wonder if JetBlue can keep it hot all the way across the country. Hee.

prayers and good wishes, lots of healing thoughts going your way!!!

Good thoughts coming your way. Get well soon!

I'll be thinking about you as you rest and recover.

You take care of yourself. We will all be right here when you get back. oxo

prayers and blessings from steve and i (thor too) for the coming week.

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