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There may have been some foot dragging when it came to finishing Tempest, but that did not stop me from starting sweater #10. I've been knitting Rosamund as much as possible and her growth has been going quiet well, albeit slowly. Stiff, rope-like yarn is hard on the hands, and while it can be a detraction, stiff yarn makes a durable fabric. The hard, tweedy finish is very classic and practical, plus the cables show up well, with good definition and character.

Bwayarnforrosamund This jacket feels like a gift because the BWA yarn was leftover and had been in the stash for an overly long period of time (it wasn't known if the yarn would ever be used again). There is also a little magic involved with this jacket, which makes me hopeful that it will turn out as I envision.

The best part of having blog pals is the many strong and meaningful connections we make over the years (and miles), often with people we never meet. When a package arrived from Dianne, it wasn't a surprise as she has been a long time generous friend and I had a feeling she'd share her Sock Summit experience. What was inside the package, however, was a wonderful serendipitous surprise. Let me digress for just a moment and then I'll come back to the package.

Itsaveryprettyhouseonabutton Several years ago, so long ago I really don't remember much about the details, I bought a beautiful ceramic button, a special, handmade button. It was safely wrapped and taped into a piece of tissue paper, a hidden treasure always nearby, sitting on a self in my junque room. I never let the little wad of tissue disappear from sight and always hoped to find a use for the button inside. After a time I couldn't remembered its features, but I knew it was special.

Giftbagfromdianne Inside Dianne's gift package was a skein of beautiful yarn and a small bag which housed a Sock Summit button.  As I pulled the button out of the bag another smaller button fell into my hand.  Surprised, I looked at the small porcelain button and gasped!  I knew it was the same designer and very similar in character to my secret button. I ran for the wad of tissue and opened it as fast as I could. Sure enough, it was almost the same size and very similar to the button Dianne had sent.


The two buttons were perfect companion pieces and I knew instantly they would be beautiful on Rosamund. The pattern calls for two large buttons to close the collar and here in my hand sat two perfect buttons, a match made in heaven.  I'm a firm believer that friends with like minds find each other and the magical happens too often for it to be only a fluke.


Luv the buttons...who is the designer??? They are just so perfect for Rosamund!! I'm always amazed at the beautiful items you are a great inspiration!!

WOW!!!! Perfect, perfect. And a great story, to boot.

The buttons are perfect and that's a wonderful story. Definitely meant to be!

That is true serendipity. I love it. The buttons and the story and how beautiful they look on Rosamund. Happy Thursday!!!

Always, always leave room for a bit of magic...

What a wonderful story! Perfect buttons!

Total kismet! Those buttons were made for each other - and for the fair Rosamund. Lovely!

Oh, what a wonderfully synchronous story re: your buttons!

You already know how much I love the colours in that yarn, the knitting is beautiful. As to those buttons :^)... our Dianne is truly magical, her intuition and I quite agree with you about that 'friends finding each other, the magic' spot on!

Oh, that made me gasp! I love magical, full-circle stories! The buttons are lovely, and a sure sign that you will create a truly magical sweater. Can't wait to see this project unfold! Looks like a beauty.

Meant to be. :)

How perfect! It is so much sweeter than if you had ordered a pair of buttons for this sweater.

Please tell us the designer. I'm in search of some special buttons in a very different color, but equally inspiring.

Those buttons will make a fantastic focal point for the sweater.
I blocked my Rosamund yesterday and I love it now! No gaps in the front and the placement of the two hooks turned out to be perfect.

These buttons are there any chance you could share how I might be able to find similar ones?

It's neat how that happened.

Very cool, and such gorgeous buttons. Although we live an hour apart,BGF and I have long ago given up asking each other IF we have seen/gotten something, it is now 'have you yet'. We decided when we are little old widow ladies we will live together, we'll be able to sell half our possessions to live on and still have all the treasures we love. LOL

Wow those are the most beautiful buttons I have ever seen. And they just look so perfect! I can't believe you are on number 10!!!

i see chocolate

What a treasure and to have a perfect knit to put them on! Moments like that make you feel all is right with the world for a few seconds.

Thos buttons are gorgeous little works of art. They will be wonderful on Rosamund. What a lovely and serendipitous gift!

Serendipity, indeed! Will have to go look up Rosamund....

How perfect! What a great story.

That Dianne, she's something isn't she?

whoa.. how cool is that!
I love the coordinating buttons ;-)

And I, too, am knitting a cabled jacket-type sweater with BWA.. it's a slower process, but will be stunning when complete.


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