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Dear Rosamund,

This is not a difficult letter to write. It's not like we were ever in a real relationship.  You have been a problem from the very beginning.  I take that back, it isn't you, so much, as it is your relationship with the BWA yarn that has us on the rocks.   I must also take responsibility for things not working out for the long run. I'm the one who brought you to together.  I really am not sure what I was thinking, why I thought this was a good idea. 


Your cables, your gauge and the BWA just do not play well together. I'm in the middle of this fight and every stitch is a struggle.  I feel beat up and exhausted after just short time of referring you two.  The process, something I believe in with all my heart, isn't joyful, it isn't even remotely pleasant, in fact, its such a blankity, blak nightmare, I just can't go on! 

My decision has been made and I won't change my mind. You need to go.  You need to get out and never come back.  You are more than I can handle, more trouble than you're worth.  I have even cast on for another project so there is no more room for you.



Atta Girl, let'er rip. If it's not working on it's time to move on. Life's to short and knitting's too slow for a knit that's not nice.

What a relief! Now onto something nice and soft and colourful.

Matchmaking is such a thankless undertaking :-)
What a wise & mature break up letter. On to happier times!

Awww, it will be okay. Sometimes it's just best to put it in a bag and forget about it for a year or two.

She was a pretty color, although we both know long term relationships need more than beauty to sustain them;-P happy monday.

Some things are just not meant to be.

But what about the whole "meant to be" thing with the buttons? You are so fickle. ;-)

At least you didn't struggle with fair Rosamund for long.

Noooo!!! What a drag! Are you going to re-make it in something else? I have this near the top of my list, so I'm watching closely to see what people are using.

Breaking up is hard to do! Lots more fish in the sea, though. . . Can't wait to meet your new "love!"

Maybe the beautiful color seduced you into the marriage? Dunno - but if she's gone and you've moved on.... must be the right decision. :)

Haha!! You are too funny! BWA is a hard yarn to work with on a good day, so if you weren't loving it, you did the right thing!

"Sinceriously!?!" I love it!

Good riddance to her. She was a high maintenance chick anyway!

I never liked her anyway!

LOL! Ah, Rosamund, we hardly knew ya.

Glad you made the decision to end it. Life is too short to put up with that kind of malarky!

I knew you two were having problems, but I thought you could work through them, especially since you had the buttons picked out and everything. Evidently things had progressed to the breaking point without me being aware. No need to string her along when the love wasn't there. Maybe the new project will be "the one."

Oh, that's too bad since you've already finished the worst part of the cardi (i.e., the endless cables at the neckline). It goes so much faster after that.

It's Rosamunde's loss. Someone better is out there, just around the corner, for you....... Next?!!!

♦Does it mean that the buttons won't be used now :(. Hope the cute buttons find a new home.

I did like those buttons, but you'll find something better for them!

are you sure that talking to your knitting is good for you??
tee hee!

Yep, ditch her - life it too short for what she put you through... She just didn't earn those fabulous buttons.

**sniff sniff** such a lovely colour. ah well. onward and upward :^)

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