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What if you threw a pity party and no one came? It would have been difficult for anyone to come as invitations were non-existent (isn't that always the way with pity parties?), but you'd think one person would show up. As it was, I took one look at the pouting, sad faced, crying "poor me" me and walked out of the room. Pity parties are a bore and I'm not even hanging around for my own. As I look around it's not hard to see just how surrounded by blessings I am and, therefore, no matter what, pity parties are out of the equation. Besides, the cause of the melt down was a piece of knitting, JUST knitting.

My brain let me down...
this pattern is wrong!

The worst that happened was two days of knitting were lost and there was a little damage to the ego...all of it survivable. I completely understand what happened, as life has been full of stressors and, for that reason, a knitting mistake became the catalyst for a melt down. But still, that's no excuse. It's only knitting and starting over (and over and over) is part of the process. No one knows that better than me, no one preaches it more.

And so, Saturday night I put the knitting in the corner (for its own protection) and watched, and I do mean watched a movie. I didn't miss the lift of an eyebrow, didn't miss a crucial, subtle detail. I was completely immersed in the movie and loved every minute of it. We watched the 1948 classic "The Fallen Idol" based on a short story by Graham Greene. The movie was the slow unfolding of a well told tale, mostly dialog driven with no action, no special effects. After it was over I realized I'd held my breath through the last half. The impact would not have been the same if knitting had been a main distraction.


The next morning the outlook of the day was brighter, my feelings no longer as raw, and the knitting resumed. A chart is now well marked, constantly at hand and carefully read. 


How many times does a knitter need to learn the same lesson?


It sounds like taking a break from the knitting was the right thing to do anyway--I need to see that movie! :) But I'm glad the two of you have made up, because that looks just lovely.

Oh dear............I have to admit I have a few things sitting it knitting time out too. ;)

The more rote the knitting becomes (pattern, technique) the more mistakes I make because I pay less attention. I made fewer mistakes when I checked more often because something was unfamiliar.

You must have needed the melt down and it was good that the knitting was there to give you a reason to just let go and have it. Now you can begin again all refreshed. With all that's happened, a little knitting meltdown was probably very therapeutic.


Watching a movie at home without knitting such a novel idea! Those mistakes seem to come when we are most vulnerable ( sometimes even when we're not.) Last week I re-knit an entire back panel ( one weeks worth of knitting!!). The pity party was brief.Stuff happens when we knit. Sometimes a melt down is a good release.

Sometimes we have to fall apart so we can put ourselves back together! I love that green color!

I think we all know the answer to your rhetorical question;-P And, you told the experience so well.

In our house, these breaks are called "Mama minutes." It is often the case that it is not the project/dinner/child/etc. that is the source of the problem, so I give myself a time out! A movie is the perfect way to spend it.

I guess as many times as one needs to learn it, grasshopper? :)

I'm sure you are back on track and then some now, PLUS, you got to enjoy a good movie. Win-win.

Some of us just never learn our lessons the easy way. Glad you're back on track.

Funny how the Universe, powers that may or may not be, intervene, giving us those odd little opportunities (breaks) from our usual, so we can truly enjoy some other experience. Especially with the older movies, the really well done ones, you need to pay attention more closely to catch all the (human) detail. that and what Julie wrote :^)

Apparently learning the same lesson over and over is part of the process?! ;)

I'm amazed by the dialogue in those old movies -- characters actually TALKED to each other!

I'd watch just for the details, such as clothing and house furnishings.

(Notice how I have nothing critical to say about the knitting?)

It certainly is part of the process isn't it? Watching the movie provided a much needed break for you. Glad you took it and are back on track.

Wow. You could insert so many of our little life focuses in the place of "knitting." Pity parties are never pretty and are seldom about the issue we label. So glad you expelled the demons. Time to encourage the bliss.

It is beautiful now! What a lovely color.

"How many times does a knitter need to learn the same lesson?" Um, in my case, that can be several, with the random reinforcement moments to follow later on.

I know all about multiple starts. Unfortunately. You'll live. I think it's Mother Knitting's way of slapping us down!

I ask myself that question all the time. ; )

Boy let me tell you I have learned many things from my mistakes. But sometimes starting over makes it even better!

You always know how to adjust your attitude, Margene. A really good skill!

Sounds like the knitting really earned the time-out.

Ah! Knitting trauma! I'm familiar w/the concept! Ya know? ;)

That IS a fabulous movie! Give me good dialogue and a character study any day! As for the knitting, well, you said it best yourself. It's only knitting. . . and, I might add, it's looking GOOD!

Sigh. Sorry you had such frustration!
The movie sounds good - I added it to my queue.

Knitting frustration is all too common. Sounds like you handled it just fine, though. Better luck now!

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