July 4th Saturday Sky
Silly Grrl

Quieter Weekend

While we were blasted with the noise of fireworks into the wee hours of morning, overall the weekend was quieter than last.  Extended amounts of time spent on the  patio, where the temperatures were warm, dry and completely enjoyable. We also ate an excessive amount of delicious food (with a few good drinks).  This was the perfect summer kick off weekend, a kickass kickoff, if you will.  The mosaic is of the a neighborhood parade (Susan's neighborhood), which to my mind is the perfect way to celebrate July 4th. 


I did something "Susan"-esque this holiday weekend, I finished Beach Glass Now for blocking and photo taking

Oh, how much FUN -- a neighborhood parade!!!! Small and sweet, I'm guessing. Excellent.

Looks like great fun!

How fun!! It looks like it was a gorgeous day in SLC.

It looks reminiscent of the celebrations when I was a kid. Perfect. And, you had sun!!!!!!!!!

I wore that darn necklace all day. I didn't realize I still had it on 'til I got ready for bed.

Looks like a perfect slice of Americana!

Your photos captured the essence of the day. Lovely, lovely sky.

Looks like a fun parade -- gorgeous mountain/sky photo on the bottom. Fun weekend!!

It does sound perfect. :)

I love the Kid's Parade! Wagons, bikes, kids!! All so festive and - young!

Now, THAT's a parade!

I just love the 4th and what great weather we had!

Believe it or not, we have one of these parades in our neighborhood in Manhattan--bikes and bunting, lemonade, watermelon, and a visit by the fire truck, which, if the day is hot, ends the event by hooking up a hose to a hydrant and cooling off the crowd.
Sounds like a parade of good times out there in Utah.

I always love a parade!
popcorn thunderstorm?? hmmmm - must go google it to see what that was.

Hometown fourth of July parades are the *best*!

I rather liked my beads, especially since I didn't have to show anything to get them -- lol. I wore mine all day, too. They matched my shirt ;)

I get the feeling I may never see another parade like that one. A dying breed. It was adorable! What a fun day.

The blue, blue sky is the perfect topper! :-)

Thanks for the parade photos. We had a family get-together, and watched fireworks out our window but nothing as overt as going to a parade.

I love neighborhood parades the best! What fun!

Most excellent! And I can write that without suppressing pangs of evil envy, for we finally, finally have some nice weather too.

Cute parade! Sorry I missed it. But we had lots and lots of fireworks to watch. I think all the Casinos had fireworks, plus there were lots of neighborhood displays. It went on for hours.

What fun to get a peek at someone else's neighborhood parade. So glad you had a (mostly) nice weekend.

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