Nearing the End of Number Nine
Spinning Away the Weekend

Happy Colors


Couldn't help myself and cast on for the Feather Duster Scarf a day or two early. I am enjoying this happy color and completed the first chart within an hours time. The pattern is just as easy as Susan promised and the yarn is lovely, but as usual, the easiest row is the one that throws me. I forget the center YOs and have had to mark both sides of the center stitch to alert my brain that it needs to stop, remember something is to happen here, DO it, and then move on. I also went ahead and marked that row in highlighter and hope that will help me pay close attention. This method may not be fool proof, but I am doing all I can to engage the brain when it tries to hit autopilot. I am also trying to be kind to myself and do not allow self name calling. far, so good.


I started another red scarf for OAF. It's another Corrugater as this pattern is so easy, requires no purling, and it works up quickly. For now it only gets a few minutes of attention after I eat lunch and since I only have 30 minutes for lunch there isn't much more than a row or three accomplished.  The yarn is the soft, squishy and comfortable, Mission Falls 1824.

Amazingly it is the last day of July. Time flies and, while July usually isn't one of my favorite months, this year it hasn't been too hot for too long and it's been full of many good days.  I do love August as the crickets start to chirp, a nod to the approach of fall, and I love the way the sound lulls me to sleep each night. 


Both of those new projects are beautiful. I think I'll start the shawl today.

I love the color of your Feather Duster. So bright, yet so very rich. I'm still working on OAF number 1 and thinking I might be lucky to get that one done;-D HAPPY FRIDAY MARGENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Feather Duster is tempting me....must not start another project yet....must not.

I love August too.....I love watching Autumn's beginnings towards the end of the month.

Thanks for launching the Feather Duster KAL. I'm itching to get started -- and seeing yours poised ever-so-gracefully on the stones has me headed for my needles!

I'm sensing a color theme today... ;)

Looking forward to my first attempt at lace. Loved all your personal tips as you begin the shawl.

love the FD. and i agree about august...we have high up cicadas.

I love the fall colors!

Such warm colors! Lovely!

Where did July go so quickly?
Feather Duster is calling my name... might have to go yarn shopping...

That really is a happy color.
I do want to start that scarf, but I must finish the lace projects I already have on the needles!

Nice to see such bright, happy colors filling your days! The summer truly does feel like it is slipping away, though I agree about July being way too hot. There's still lots of mountain time to be wrung out of August. Hope you have a lovely summer weekend.

Lovely feather duster!

That's a gorgeous color. I have some mohair in my stash . . hmmmm . . .

Hm... Orange yarn... for something of Susan's? Really? I am SO surprised. :D

Normally I would think that orange was a bonkers color for high summer...but this year it's cheery and makes one smile!

Hmm, I can see I haven't visited TypePad in a while.....neat new little feature at the bottom of your posts lately! Love the Feather Duster scarf!

The beginning of two wonderful projects.

Happy Friday, Margene!

Very cheerful colors and two great projects for heading into the weekend. I just got back from a long walk with Mr. J., and think I will now sit down with my red scarf. It hasn't received any attention this week -- I've been too busy and it's been too hot.

Gosh, Who stole the month of July?..It was here and gone so quickly or is this another part of this age thing?
Happy August!!

that's right! No name calling!!! (grins)
I love the color of that shawl.

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