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Soap operas are not something I've ever followed, but I have enjoyed Stephanie's romantic story inspired by her love of General Hospital. Every Friday she's been publishing an episode and, let me tell you, she knows how to build suspense and intrigue. Start here with Chapter 1 and get up to speed (she's written 4 chapters) before the next installment is publish (likely tomorrow).

Kirsten has a new shawl pattern available on her blog or on RavleryRav_linkredyarnball. I've been watching for it's publication as it is a perfect way to use fingering yarn that's hanging around the stash. I'll be rifling through to find the perfect pairing of colors as soon as my head is above the fray again.

Barb is a very good shepherd to her flock of cormo sheep. It's lambing season and I guarantee you can watch every video she posts and never get tired of the cute, funny, and charming lambs bouncing around her farm.


I've been enjoying Stephanie's writing, too! And Kirsten's new shawl is great - so diferent and a nice stash buster. The lambs couldn't be any cuter!

That is a gorgeous shawl, isn't it? And, a lamb fleece is the one fleece I would still like to process, but fleece monogamy is the only way for me to go. Happy Thursday, Margene!!!!

Those little lambs slay me everytime I watch the little videos. They are so darn cute!

Heh, I recognize diversion when I see it. ;)

Confession time. I love General Hospital. I don't watch it all of the time, but it is fun now and again...and it makes an excellent background for kniting or spinning. I'll have to read Stephanie's story~!

Nice shawl -- and I have sock yarn I was thinking of unloading, and that shawl has just enough, but not too MUCH lace. Hm. We shall see. :)

Good bunch o' links this morning. XO

Those lambs are adorable!!
Thanks for linking my shawl! I'm looking forward to seeing yours.

The diversion isn't working.
How's Harmony?

hmmmm... and the diversion (which worked btw) would be because?????
I'm guessing that you are swamped with things non-knitting/spinning related.
Hope life gets calmer for you soon.
And guess what I did last night??

i'm thinking there's no knit/spin/crochet progress, hence the diversion? hmmmmm?

that's ok,i can dig baby lambies any time.

I'm looking forward to seeing how you do that shawl. Think Norma is going to knit lace? o.O

Hey, thanks for the link! You say such nice things and make me blush. I love the shawl pattern and will have to rummage in the stash as soon as I finish up a few lingering things. And I just never get tired of lambs. They're so cute and cuddly! Makes me want to be in the sheep business.

I love this shawl too, so beautiful!

Nice shawl! Off to queue. Barb's lambs are adorable esp up close!

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