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The Parade (Fini Objects 'd Arte) Begins

The weekend was lovely, long and luxurious.  Reality, as in NO long, lovely, luxurious weekends for a long time,'s back to work.  I'm happy to have a job and a load of Fini-ing to show.  Diversions to fill the long weekend before NaKniSweMoDo made for plentiful finishings, just as this past weekend made for lots 'o progress on MoDo (had to make that thing shorter).  Too bad every month can't start with a four day weekend, as that would make knitting twelve sweaters this year a walk in the park.  In any case, let the FO parade begin!


Of course we had to make a trip to our favorite spot this weekend where we caught the Leafy Mitts in action.  The server, a very nice young man, was very interested in my mitts, my knitting in general and he was very good at his job.  You gotta love a guy like that. 

Alovelymittsarecushyandwar  Alovetheyummymitts

You also must love a cushy soft, warm pair of mitts.  Ruth's yarn is so sumptuously wonderful and dyed in such warm and earthy colorways, it's difficult to stop at one pair (I'm watching for more colorways to pop up). I've been wearing them daily and love them more each time there worn.  You can buy the pattern alone, but you won't find a yarn quite as delightful in color and grist as Ruth's. 

Ruth's pattern is available without the yarn on Ravelry or her blog (link above), so if you're like Shelley and would like a plain color, worsted wool works well.  Shelley loves her mitts and cowl (which was a surprise) and finds them warm and cozy. 

Ashelleyinhermittsandcowl Ashelleysmittsshelovespurple

Next, up is Nova's Birthday Cowl. I loves the Malabrigo worsted, which feels as good as cashmere against the skin.  The cowl is large so it can be pinned and tucked up tight under the chin (thus, you can't see the crepe-y neck) and this makes it extra warm and cozy.


(Hmmm, that picture looks more like my Aunt G than me. How'd I get so old? It's okay, I kid myself!)

Oh, and yes, that is the Belle Starr hat sitting atop my's another love of mine.  It's made from the leftover cormo yarn from Jadis (FO post soon!) and is pretty, soft, warm and looks good on me, which is always a bonus.  In the second photo you can also see the Bijouterie earring quite well.

Cormohantcrown Alacycormohat 

That concludes todays instalment of the FO parade.  There is more to come as I had quite a bit of time to knit before the end of 2008.  Come back tomorrow, okay?!


I think I might manage to fit you in to my busy schedule and call back tomorrow - school starts back tomorrow and I plan on listening to the silence for a while.

I read often but don't speak up so I guess I should start the New Year by saying hello.

Such pretties. The earrings look great! The cowl is very flattering pinned like that. Dressy, too. Of course, I'm in love with those mitts. Shelley's mitts and cowl look great. Very flattering with her gorgeous white hair. And, girl, you ain't old. You is vintage (like me;--)!

You two ... and the knitting ... look fabulous !!

Wow. You weren't kidding about a parade. Soft, warm, snuggly!

What's that sweater you're wearing in the photos??

All look perfectly gorgeous..the mitts are just too cute!! You look Stunning..not old!!
I had a photo taken during the holidays that I made an 'old' remark about..I think I prefer 'mature'..I've earned the 'stripes'


I love the cowl and hat! Hee hee - that hat has a hint of bygone days in its styling.

Fabulous mitts! Love 'em!

Starting off the new year right, I see.

So many lovely finished objects! No idle needles at your house!

So beautiful!

I feel like I need a nap now...


Lovely knits! Good for you!

Beautiful projects! That's a great way to send out 2008.

Tellement artistique... can't wait to see more.

All so beautiful!

Knit on parade indeed! Great job on everything. You look beautiful.

what beautiful knits! i especially love the leafy mitts. you've certainly started the new year with a bang!

You managed to squeeze in 4 FO's in one photo! Brava! Great mitts- off to queue and buy the kit once she dyes more.

I wish I could wear mitts (they look so great on you!) but they drive me nuts. Maybe if I made half fingers? Anyway, is the sweater #1 or are you starting something else?

Gosh, I always love a parade and you know how to do it, Margene! Very nice.

"Lovely as usual, King Friday!" (Couldn't resist a Mr. Rogers quote - it was what ran through my head as I saw all your beautiful knitting.)

Love it all! Beautiful!

Look at how cute you are! Great FO's - you're so productive.

Ha! I've been seeing my Aunt Patty in the mirror lately!

It all looks great, can't wait to see Jadis!

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