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The second time's the charm.  It was much easier to knit another pair of earrings after reading a few of the tips and tricks in Romi's Group on Ravelry.  Using exaggerated motions to round out the stitches and poking at them with the free needle to make them a little more uniform was very helpful.   The end result was turned out to well, and since it was fun to do, I bought Romi's book.  Inside there are so many different types of knitted jewelry and it will be fun to explore, play and knit my way through all the methods and styles.  I think I'll make a few more pair of Bijouterie this weekend, too.



Seriously cool.

Those turned out great. I saw them and thought how pretty they'd be on someone with a long neck (mine is painfully short). I can't wait to see them on you!!!

They came out really cool. Ravelry is a super resource, isn't it? Anything you want to knit, there is probably a support group. And the designer probably checks in.

Lovely work! I picked up Romi's book and can't wait to make more of her patterns, too!

I faved you on Ravelry ... and now I'll fave you here! xo

Where did you buy the wire? I was looking at Joann's and did not find what I was looking for...

Your second try looks great.

Oh, those are nice!

Those are great and your first picture is terrific.

Those are fabulous! Working with wire isn't that easy.....I didn't do well at all with the "Viking knitting" but I will have to try this technique!

Too pretty for words! I love how delicate and feminine they look.

Very awesome looking! Nice job.


Wow! How fun and crazy.

Looks like we were doing the same thing this weekend.

They came out wonderfully! I love earrings like that. If I ever find my beading stuff in the boxes, I may have to make some.

Very cool! Will have to check out that book!

Oh, that's way cool. I am have to try that.

Nice! I knew you could do it. ; )

Neat stuff!

I am so excited that you tried them! :D And they look GORGEOUS!! Hope you enjoy the book! xo

Margene, you did a great job on those earrings! I don't think I would have the patience for it.

Those are gorgeous! Yet more incentive to break out the beads.

Great job!

Ooh, absolutely beautiful... and a whole new way to explore our art form. Happy Solstice.

That Romi is a clever girl. Your earrings are lovely!

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