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That's me, feeling like a powerful grrl who fought right on through any diversity and finished NaKniSweMo just in time!  Empowered by sheer will, against all odds, I DID it!!  Forced Encouraged to keep going by the likes of Kay, my fellow Ewe-tah grrls and you, dear readers, I stuck it out and made it all the way to the finish line.

Ithankmyluckystarsitsdoneandineverneedtoknititagain This lovely little sweater was pure product knitting...no enjoyable process involved. This diaphanous, delicate knit was very, very real and often misbehaved. While there was a bit of errata, the pattern wasn't the problem. It was the yarn...miles and miles and miles of tiny, fuzzy, ethereal and elusive FUZZ! And, its shades of gray didn't help the matter much. I do thank my lucky stars the sweater came out well in the end, but life (my life) is too short to ever knit with KSH again.  It just is not my cup o' tea.
Dancingwithmrd Ladedadeda Dancingwiththepileofuzz

Ladedadeda...YAY!! It's a very happy day. Can you tell?  

Let me just say, that Kay and Ann met their goal as I did knit (way) outside my lines. They had warned in the pattern that the yarn could be fiddly, but promised in the end that the finished product would be worth it.  I'm just glad the sweater (and I) lived to tell the tale.

Pattern: Cardi Cozy from Mason Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines size Small
Yarn: Rowan Kid Silk Spray - Color Medici - 4 balls
Needle: Addi Lace #8 (a must)
Time to Knit: November 2, 2008-November 29, 2008 
Hoo and Ray!!


Oh, gosh that is the best photo shoot ever! Love it! Love you!
I am duly IMPRESSED with the fact that you finished a sweater (that sweater) in a month. Bravo! Brahhhvo!

It's a beauty, for sure. Onward and upward!

Congratulations on survival with a beautiful FO to show for it!

Congratulations. I love the pictures. They made me smile. Are you really going to knit a sweater every month next year? Wow! I'm inspired.

Go, you! It's a beautiful sweater, and with time enjoyment will overcome your memories of the process.

I love it! You look fantastic!

It may have been a slot but it looks fabulous!

It looks fabulous. KSH is a trial, but the end result is almost always worth the trouble. I love it and congratulate you, grrl, on your successful completion of the month of November!

You go! It looks wonderful-hopefully the struggle to get it done will fade from memory and you'll bask in the compliments from it.

Absolutely gorgeous!!! It looks great and you look so beautiful modeling it..super photos..I bet you will find all the fiddly, irky problems worthwhile as you enjoy the beauty of this '1'!~

I'm so impressed!

I knit a lace scarf with KSH once, the one from Victorian Lace that came out in Knitter's. The first time I wore it, Victorian gave out a meerow and grabbed the scarf, tearing a hole the size of a quarter! Turns out KSH = kitty crack! It's worse than catnip - who knew?

Congratulations for staying with it....it looks beautiful on you!

Congrats on meeting your goal! I'm sorry to hear that the KSH was to blame for this being a not-so-fun knit. Personally, I love the stuff, but I don't knit with it often because of the cost and it's lack of practical application. I do have a rather lovely shawl from it, though, that many friends have tried to get away from me. At any rate, I hope you knit something truly FUN next, and I hope your sweaters for next year are also more exciting!

Yay! I'm glad it turned out so well and that you finished in the nick of time. :)

Wonderful, Margene! I've been looking forward to seeing this cardigan finished - and it is lovely!
Would you believe that I too have some of the Graphite (shade 570) on the shelf? I think that KSH is a yarn that you either love or hate....

Good for you! It really is lovely. Bet it is like wearing a cloud - all fluffy lightness.

Having never used KSH, I'm not holding any opinions, but I don't care much for mohair blends or anything really "fuzzy". It's just not me. But that is a lovely sweater. Hope the next sweater you do is much more enjoyable for you.

You are my hero! I knitted a shawl once in Karabella Gossamer and can imagine the process was about as much fun. Have never attempted KSH. Gorgeous result on yours, though...I can see that going dressy!

The sweater is beautiful!

And I want to thank you for your opinions on KSH. I've been eying it for a while, and was very hesitant to buy, and now I won't. I'm glad you did the experiment!

I'm glad you ended up with something wearable, rather than kindling. Very nice, despite its hassles.

It looks great (and so does your hair!!!)! :)

Beautiful sweater, and I'm impressed that you got someone to do the photoshoot for you ;-)

I hope you enjoy wearing it more than you did knitting it. It looks wonderful on you!

I wanna be YOU when I grow up!
(um, IF I ever grow up ;)
Great job!

Absolutely gorgeous, Margene.

However, I think those 3 balls of KSH I have in my stash will stay there a while longer!

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