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Maelstrom Moment

This picture is truest to the color.
Maelstrom caught me in its current and I had a swirling good time. This sock is as much fun to wear as it is to knit.
The yarn is Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Mediumweight, color Coral. It worked well for the leg and heel as my instep is high, but the foot would have been too large had I not decreased down to 58 stitches after the gusset.

They look great in my favorite shoes and my toes are happy and warm.


Socks look great...I keep eyeing those shoes from Teva.

Interesting pattern. They do look great with your shoes!

Nicely done. Thanks for telling about the fit - I always wonder on patterns that have inventive shaping features.

Those socks look so GREAT with those shoes!!!

i usually have to do that to t he foot of my socks as well. for me, it's because i have a narrow heel, and the ball of my foot is verywide (why yes, i have duck feet, lol). because of this, i tend to do shortrow heels, becausethey fit me better.

nice socks, though, i might just have to cast them on. i wonder how that would look in a more highly variegated yarn (i have count cluckula!)

Love those socks and the shoes, too.

Those sock are fabulous. The yarn is pretty and the pattern is super cool.

Wonderful new socks just in time to look festive for the holidays! Looks like you are clearing the decks to launch into 2009.

Wow! I love those swirly socks, Margene. They fit GREAT!
Cheers, Jenny

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